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This is a branch that tries to introduce some stability to the rapidly evolving SHR development. It is based on a fork of the shr/merge branch on November 28th, 2009 and will cherry pick changes from shr-unstable as well as adding patches that are considered to improve stability, fix bugs, or add features. Nevertheless, it will be quite conservative in what it accepts, and it will move at a much slower pace than shr-unstable. An open eye will be kept to keep opkg upgrade working, although a fresh reflash *might* be required at certain points in time. This is a cul-de-sac branch in the sense that it might serve as a base for an eventual shr-stable (I don't have any intentions to work on that though -spaetz), with no intentions to merge changes back to upstream. This will enable us to add hacks and patches that would not be considered as acceptable in upstream OpenEmbedded?. At a certain point we will consider abandoning this branch and move on to a newer snapshot of shr-unstable though.

Commit Policy

I'm making this up as I go and learn--- spaetz :) For now it is:

  • keep it compiling and running (aka test your commits before pushing)
  • Don't experiment
  • preferably cherry pick fixes from SHR-unstable before trying things on your own
  • try to ensure opkg upgrade'ability


For now only spaetz is a maintainer of the shr-testing2009 branch. I welcome additional maintainers and committers, as long as they adhere to the above principles.