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Welcome to SHR's website

SHR is a community driven GNU/Linux distribution for smartphones. It currently targets Openmoko models Neo 1973 and Neo FreeRunner, but is not designed for these only.

SHR has not been officially released yet. Though there are great preview images available (testing/unstable) for you to use.

Important bug reporting guidelines:

  1. State the version of the buggy application.
  2. Fill all the "user" fields in the bug reporting page (for example: do set component, don't set milestone)
  3. Choose a descriptive short summary (topic) of the bug. Don't make it too short, it should be informative.
  4. Don't make private jokes in bug reports summaries (i.e, if you want openMooCow to be added to feed, don't write "The moko needs a cow" it's both not funny, and hard for us to understand, choosing "Adding openmoocow to feed" is more appropriate.
  5. Being polite is good and important, though not in the bug summary (topic) as it's just hard to read.
  6. Please add as much info as you can to the description of the bug.

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