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Welcome to the SHR Project

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What is SHR ?

SHR is a GNU/Linux based operating system for smartphones and similar mobile devices. It integrates various Free and Open Source Software projects into a versatile platform - flexible enough to run on a vast selection of mobile hardware such as the Openmoko Neo Freerunner, Goldelico OpenPhoenux (GTA04), Nokia N900, Palm Pre (and variants) and more. The SHR build system is based on OpenEmbedded - well known from the Yocto project. For telephony, networking, etc. framework is used. On top of that an easy-to-use graphical interface centered around Enlightenment libraries is used to provide phone calls, messaging and pim. A growing amount of available applications offers SHR users with everything expected on a smartphone. But also numerous classical programs well known from other Linux distros can be made available easily.

What makes SHR so special ? SHR is 100% community driven and based on Free and Open Source Software. This empowers everybody to realize their innovations or add support for new hardware - without needing to ask some CEO or strategy manager first!

How can I try SHR on my device ?

The install instruction page? provides you with everything needed to test SHR on supported devices! We are looking forward to your feedback.


If you need a trac account, please contact us on IRC or mailinglist.

Please read the bug reporting guidelines before submitting a new bug. Thanks!

User resources

  • Stabilizing: The work to prevent regressions in SHR
  • SHR Blog for official SHR information.
  • Weekly News -- See what is happening in the community
  • Pictures and Videos -- A preview of how SHR looks like on several devices
  • Installation? -- Instructions on how to install SHR on supported devices
  • Specific Usages Howto -- Howto for specific usages(games, video playing, music playing etc...)
  • Contact -- Get in touch with other users and developers in order to provide feedback and contribute
  • Image content and features -- List of main applications available in SHR
  • The SHR User Manual on OpenMoko wiki. This manual describes the earlier SHR versions (SHR-testing, SHR-unstable) and is not updated yet.
  • SHR User Manual -- A new manual started, based on DocBook but currently discontinued (authors are welcome)
  • Publicity -- SHR press articles, presentations etc.

Advanced users resources

Hardware specific resources

Hardware porting specific resources

Developers resources

Usages status


Lost pages

SHR server admins

on #bearstech IRC channel the following people are available as server admin:

  • bear_beavis
  • zerodeux
  • lukhas
  • zitune
  • cyberj
  • _bibi
  • athoune
  • ruzarzh

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