These tweaks should get you up and running on the latest image (assuming there's a way to get it working!)

Switching between applications in illume2

As workaround you can put some delay to Xsession script, then it should start right with your illume2.

sed -i 's#^DISPLAY=:0.0 /usr/bin/shr_elm_softkey#sh -c "sleep 20 && /usr/bin/shr_elm_softkey"#g' /etc/X11/Xsession.d/89shr_elm_softkey

This is not "right" solution, because ie with first time wizard, you have to finish it in less than 20s (not problem if you're waiting for it to show).

In case this didn't help you can start it from terminal:

The new shr application switcher that pops down when you press the empty space in the top bar may not appear. To work around this problem (you'll need to do this on every boot):

  • Tap the 'Home' icon in the top bar
  • Tap the 'Terminal' icon to start Terminal. Because of a known bug in e, the Terminal will not have focus.
  • Tap the 'Home' icon again.
  • Tap the 'Terminal' icon again. This will switch to the opened version of Terminal. It has focus, but you may have to tap the 'keyboard' icon to get a keyboard.
  • Switch the keyboard to the 'Terminal' layout by tapping the icon in the top right hand corner of the keyboard itself.
  • Press 'shr_'<tab>'&' to get 'shr_elm_softkey &' on the command line
  • Press <enter> to execute this command

Now you will have a top bar for switching and closing applications.

No USB ethernet

This occurs on the first boot, reboot and it should work. No sound: Run the following and then reboot:

# depmod -a

Opkg issues

 opkg update
 opkg install opkg libopkg0
 opkg install -force-reinstall fsousaged libgee0  
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