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This is a draft of what (hopefully) will be a generic and unified installer for SHR, which will run in your PC with a GUI and will install SHR int your PC with a step-by-step system, like a wizard.

Here's a list of features it should have:

  • It should support several devices
  • It should have a GUI
  • It should be very modular, in a similar way in which shr-settings is made
  • There should be generic modules and device specific modules.
  • The GUI and modules should have some error handling

Some more ideas:

  • Do it in python. It's fast to develop and quite easy to do things in a modular fashion, and people doesn't need to compile it.

Here's draft of how it should look like / work:

  • User runs de app
  • A list of devices appear and user select desired device.
  • A page with some configuration options needed appear and users fills it (such as dir of the SDCard or device to flash, link/path to image file, etc.)
  • All the info/data is fetched and it tries to install SHR into the device
  • The app shows some more steps to do some post-install configuration.