wiki:SHR Applications

SHR Applications

These aren't the only applications that ship with SHR, but they are the SHR specific ones. We're currently hosted by Bearstech on One exception is libframeworkd-glib, which is hosted elsewhere. In order to contribute, you have to ask Ainulindale to get your public key on the server.

  • phonefsod
  • phonuid
  • phoneui-apps
  • libphone-ui
  • libphone-ui-shr
  • shr-settings
  • libframeworkd-glib: In order to be able to use in an easy way frameworkd, without bothering about dbus calls (which could be difficult for new developers), we built a library allowing everyone to use the functions of frameworkd as if it were simple C functions. We're using asynchronous callbacks for dbus. libframeworkd-glib is heavily used by SHR applications and now hosted on;a=summary.

The architecture of the shr apps is described here: SHR_Architecture. Ask for more explanation in IRC.

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