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Programs that wait to be coded

'Cause coding is fun!

The intention of this page is to gather brainstormed application ideas. If you think there has to be an application that has to be programmed for SHR just edit this page with your proposition so that application developers have an idea pool for their spare time ;). Like kde-brainstorm but for SHR.


Would be nice to have an RSS reader - with good offline caching of stories. I assume using already existing parts of html rendering from the shr web browsers.

SHR-Calendar (ics)

A Calendar App which can be synced with the local ics calendar file (eg via pisi or maybe unison). One possibility would be to reactivate "dates", which hasn't been working since quite a while in shr-u.

SHR-Anki: Advanced Flashcard Learning

Anki is for anyone who needs to remember things in their daily life. It is content-agnostic and supports images, audio, videos and scientific markup (via LaTeX). You can create either a personal dictionary or one for the community which is kept on a server and can be synchronised with the mobile device (eg to mark cards which one has memorized practicing offline). [BR] The sources README lists the following dependencies:

Prerequisites for Linux/FreeBSD/etc:

  • a recent Python (2.4 should be fine)
  • python-qt/pyqt 4.4+
  • sqlalchemy 0.4.3+
  • simplejson 1.7.3+
  • pysqlite2 1.3+ or python2.5

For graph generation:

  • python-numpy (numpy)
  • python-matplotlib (matplotlib)

For audio playing support:

  • mplayer

For audio recording support:

  • sox 14.1+
  • pyaudio
  • lame

For importing SuperMemo? XML and exporting text files:

  • python-beautifulsoup

There is a AnkiDroid?-Version which I managed to set up with Android on Freerunner and which worked very nicely and showed the power of this application (eg even working with images in flashcards and drawing board input).


The version of FBreader already on shr is nice, but could really use some optimisation from the point of view of the window menus, like page down and up etc. A lot of them would probably need to be removed from the main screen or only revealed selectively.

efl document reader

First a viewer for pdf, ps and images should be enough but the goal should be to be able to read office documents too (OpenOffice? & MS Office documents)

debugging dfu-utils

It seems that there is a bug in dfu-utils that prevents from properly flashing an image to NAND. So one has to find that bug.

Email integration

Integrate an Email client in the SHR apps

There is pymail (EFL + python) from sleg (openmoko-fr) with IMAP support. Now the app is not developed any further and didn't work on the latest shr-u. If someone wants to continue to develop the app here are the last sources (see bottom of the page), which can also be found at openmoko-fr.

port iliwi to newer wpa-supplicant Dbus API

wpa-supplicant provides everything needed for iliwi over dbus since version 0.7.3, so port all remaining parts to dbus.

  • Notes from Ben Thompson: Iliwi is currently undergoing a rewrite by Esben in order to make the code more modular The move to dbus is on the roadmap. Does someone need to push the newer wpa_supplicant into SHR? - I am still seeing 0.6.9 in SHR-U, although there is a recipe for 0.7.3.

Integration of syncronisation feature into libphone-ui

Currently we relay on PISI for syncronistion. Better would be a generic interface for syncronisation plugins for libphone-ui. So we can have several plugins for syncronisation. E.g. a google plugin, a facebook plugin, a exchange plugin, ...

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