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Users and Developers are welcome to add any kind of news related to SHR or whatever can be of interest to their communitiy. The most important bits will be used to write a blog entry in a (I hope) weekly basis with the aim of showing the distro progress to both people in the community and potential new devs and users.

Please, feel free to correct lines written by others if you think information is wrong or you can give better description with more details.

Since too long ago

  • Work has been done for enabling the hardware scenarios for the GTA04 > A3 (by slyon)
  • forwarder may now be more reliable(by GNUtoo)
  • work has started for fighting all kinds of echos on the GTA04 A3 (echos appears when the volume is too loud), the first result is that AT_OPCMPROF=2 or AT_OPCMPROF=3 supress the echo that you can ear on the GTA04 side (but doesn't supress the one on the remote side). (by GNUtoo, thanks a lot to cmair for help).
  • The GTA04 A3 is nearly working but has some minor work left such as bluetooth, it also needs more testing and bugfixing for the telephony.

Since 2011/08/26

  • fixed bug #1505 (mrmoku),fixed bug #1501 (GNUtoo)
  • modules autoload now works in shr-core for all machines ( JaMa? )
  • om-gta02 sound states now works in shr-core ( GNUtoo )
  • powerbutton handling fixed for Palmpre2 under SHR-unstable
  • halt/reboot being fixed for Palmpre2 under SHR-unstable
  • ssh fixed for SHR-unstable under Palmpre2

Since 2011/06/21

  • Work on a better sound routing handilng has started(by mrmoku and DocScrutinizer)
  • Lopi officially abandoned the iphone SHR port because the linux kernel for the iphone was no longer beeing worked on, and that the port could never be completed without a decent kernel(for instance it lacks suspend/resume).
  • After Nokia Stopping the GNU/Linux phones and switching to windows phone 7, HP(that bought palm) will stop making new webos devices,in the meantime, Android devices are getting more standard(for instance the Nexus S has ALSA and V4l2,but its modem has a non-standard protocol that is beeing implemented in The Android liberation project called Replicant(they aim to run android not GNU/Linux) by paulk and ius)
  • SHR-core has been made possible thanks to JaMa? and all the other developers are migrating to it(still not ready yet for end-users) and fixing its bugs
  • An alsa driver was written by Cotulla for qualcomm snapdragoon(QSD) android devices. it's not complete yet but the sound quality is perfect on the nexusone. It's written for the htc leo(HTC HD2),but also works on the nexusone with some minor changes.
  • Two device porting guides(how to port SHR on your device were written by GNUtoo on the wiki:
  • Freerunner: bluetoothd is now launched automatically when using bluetooth, that makes emtooth2 work out of the box(by GNUtoo).
  • Palm Pre2: GPRS connection is properly handled by FSO/SHR => see this ticket
  • Palm Pre2: the wifi is now properly handled by FSO/SHR, note that iliwi is not a perfect tool for wifi as it is not complet.. => see this ticket
  • Work on a better sound plugin for calls for the n900 has started (GNUtoo,mrmoku,DocScrutinizer)
  • Work on porting SHR to the nexusone started(by GNUtoo)
  • The htc dream has now an improved sound driver here That permit to get ringing and music at the same time(before it was not possible).
  • Default FSO configs for Nokia N900 has been adjusted to new kernel - slider, special buttons etc. now work again (which means return of keyboard backlight) (dos)
  • xf86-video-omapfb has been patched to run when using VRFB (static) screen rotation
  • shr-core image should now boot correctly without udev (dos, JaMa?)

Since 2011/06/15

  • HTC Dream's gtkrc was corrected (By GNUtoo)
  • Nokia N900 has now audio calls that works, but it must be rewriten to get better audio quality(By GNUtoo)

Since 2011/05/23

  • Fsodeviced alsa routing bug fixed(the bug made fsodeviced segfault when the SHR phoneui volume control was slided during calls) (By mrmoku and GNUtoo)
  • Work on extracting the audio during calls for the Nokia n900 has begun,Currently we can only ear the remote person, but the remote person can't ear us.(GNUtoo,mickeyl,DocScrutinizer)
  • We previously forgott to mention that the Nokia N900 has a newer 2.6.37 kernel(GNUtoo did the "packaging")
  • Nokia n900 Camera is now documented on the install page(by GNUtoo)
  • HTC Dream's DPI was added (By GNUtoo)
  • The phone UI now has a new button called suggestions which shows you some names from the phonebook to call directly (though it is not quite clear on what basis the contacts are chosen, it's not the most recently called ones)

Since 2011/05/08

  • FSO
    • we have working GPRS on the n900

Since 2011/04/21

  • FSO
    • The nokia900 modem plugin can now register the network (GNUtoo and mrmoku)

Since 2011/04/03

  • FSO
    • After our new internal PPP stack now finally works on the Palm Pre device morphis started to write a plugin for connman
    • Plugins splited into different packages in OE, so people won't get parts which are not necessary for their devices.
  • SHR: Palm Pre
    • Switched to mplayer 1.0rc2 as newer version causes the device to freeze

Since 2011/03/27

  • iPhone3G (by Lopi)
    • You can find the latest screenshots of SHR on the iPhone3G running Elfe here:
    • Backlight and basic power management functionality has been added. For example, the LCD screen can now turn off.
    • Fixed a bunch of cosmetic issues. For example, status bar buttons overlapped and illume-keyboard was scaled off the screen.
    • Battery icon in the status bar now shows when the device is charging. However, the battery level only shows up properly in illume settings.
    • WIP: Lock screen should be implemented soon. It's currently using the wrong lock screen that requires a password. GNUtoo explained how to fix this.
    • WIP: Basic baseband functionality is in the works. Lopi is currently extending the modem_singleline plugin in fsogsmd. You can find the initial work done here:
    • WIP: Need to enable devtmpfs in the kernel to fix the extremely slow boot times.
    • WIP: Fix the battery indicator in the status bar to properly display the battery's charge.
  • Palm Pre
    • morphis and mickeyl started working on getting PPP running with the new internal PPP stack in fsogsmd
    • PPP with fsogsmd now finally works on the Pre devices!
    • msmcommd now includes support for Call Forwarding

Since 2011/03/08

  • UI Updates
  • New fsoaudio daemon for audio management with FSO (morphis)
    • Currently only audio routing funtionality: supports palmpre and all other alsa using machines
    • will be used in libphone-ui in the near future
    • Different audio streams (media, alerts, alarms, notifications, ...) will be available for applications in the future
  • HTC HD2 (htcleo) support is being added in SHR
  • WiFi? on Palm Pre is now integrated into SHR and can be used with liwi and other wireless tools
  • Devices section in wiki has been cleaned up a bit and now should have a better structure.
  • Make illume-indicator (illume-top-bar) size configurable on a device basis (Slyon)
    • Add configuration for Palm Pre

Since 2011/03/01

  • Forwarding the nokia n900 modem now works( PaulFertser? , GNUtoo)
  • Idle_Screen detects the screensize and scales nicely to smaller screens (HVGA) like the Palm Pre (Slyon)
  • Some htc dream Improvements (by GNUtoo):
    • Improved gtkrc's font size
    • Improved illume environment's finger size
    • removal of the useless udev in the newer images since the htcdream already used devtmpfs
  • Some bug fixing was done:
    • accelges is now working again (by elisa42, and GNUtoo|Laptop)
    • Bug in Shr-settings has been fixed. After changing the timezone the new one will be displayed right away. (thx to peter)
  • Contacts list now supports multiple selection of contacts (by Rui)
    • press and hold for a while to do more actions on the selections (edit, unselect, delete)
    • when you have only one contact selected, you can call, send sms, edit, unselect and delete
    • when you have more than one contact selected, you can unselect all or delete (in the future, you will be able to send sms as well).

Since 2011/02/21

  • mrmoku, elisa42, and GNUtoo|Laptop (all are irc nicknames in #openmoko-cdevel on Freenode )are fixing long-standing SHR bugs
  • some (not scientifically measured) speedup should come soon to the freerunner (by GNUtoo)
  • Mickey Lauer is rewriting the N900 modem handling part, with more parts beeing in vala.
  • SHR testing: RC3 is out: It has the new stable EFL version 1.0.0 and newer kernel
  • bigger shr_elm_softkey buttons, with a new down arrow button which takes you to a window list (by Rui).
  • captainigloo is writting a great replacement for illume-home module. (video of old version = )
  • chroot in makefile.

Since 2011/01/24


  • enjoy has now basic fso support. it will register CPU resource automatically. (by pespin)
  • phoneui supports now enabling sms receipts (sms delivery reports). (by mrmoku)
  • Development for VOIP support has been started using sflphone.
  • EFL upgraded to 1.0

Palm pre(2/plus):

  • added basic sms support to libmsmcomm
  • WiFi? is now working for a longer time when not tranfering big files
  • Initial steps torwards bluetooth support are initialized (plugin for fsodeviced)

Htc Dream:

  • US "extended" keyboard is now activated by default in xorg.conf, if you want DE, or IT adjust your xorg.conf

Nokia N900:

  • a new rebase branch was pushed by GNUtoo that has all the 2.6.37 patches on top of it, but has alsa issues that need to be solved.

Since 2011/01/23


  • gdbus migration done.
  • added a switch to change fso alsa scenarios manually

Palm Pre:

  • dual boot (webOS/SHR) for palm pre (by Slyon).
  • fso-installer quite completed. (by GarthPS)
  • wifi is now working
  • libmsmcomm has ben rewritten using Vala.
    • phonebook handling for palm pre in fso now works (by morphis).

Nokia n900:

  • libisi is being rewritten to vala.
  • n900 patches are beeing rebased on top of the omap PM branch(by GNUtoo and mrmoku)

Nexus One(by GNUtoo):

  • an alsa driver(which is very buggy(buffer underruns)) now exist here
    Note that the nexus one is not even in openembedded(it lacks an hardware keyboard, but has NMEA(gps libraries are FLOSS),AT-commands,WEXT wifi etc...)

Htc Dream(by GNUtoo):

Not a lot of progress were done:

  • splash screen finally made it into openembedded
  • Wifi still has no PSM despite of trying again
  • extended keyboard was upstreamed and is now in openembedded,but not yet activated in xorg.conf
  • linux-next can boot on htc dream, but then you have no way of controlling the phone(no input and no usbnet)


  • New project for GNU/linux X11 distro (using SHR atm). (by Lopi)
  • Basic support for the Iphone3g is in openembedded