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Users and Developers are welcome to add any kind of news related to SHR or whatever can be of interest to their communitiy. The most important bits will be used to write a blog entry in a (I hope) weekly basis with the aim of showing the distro progress to both people in the community and potential new devs and users.

Please, feel free to correct lines written by others if you think information is wrong or you can give better description with more details.

Since 2011/01/23


  • gdbus migration done.
  • added a switch to change fso alsa scenarios manually

Palm Pre:

  • dual boot (webOS/SHR) for palm pre (by Slyon).
  • fso-installer quite completed. (by GartPS)
  • libmsmcomm has ben rewritten using Vala.
    • phonebook handling for palm pre in fso now works (by morphis).

Nokia n900:

  • libisi is being rewritten to vala.
  • n900 patches are beeing rebased on top of the omap PM branch(by GNUtoo and mrmoku)