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Users and Developers are welcome to add any kind of news related to SHR or whatever can be of interest to their communitiy. The most important bits will be used to write a blog entry in a (I hope) weekly basis with the aim of showing the distro progress to both people in the community and potential new devs and users.

Please, feel free to correct lines written by others if you think information is wrong or you can give better description with more details.

Since 2011/01/24


  • enjoy has now basic fso support. it will register CPU resource automatically. (by pespin)
  • phoneui supports now enabling sms receipts (sms delivery reports). (by mrmoku)
  • Development for VOIP support has been started using sflphone.

Palm pre(2/plus):

  • added basic sms support to libmsmcomm
  • WiFi? is now working for a longer time when not tranfering big files
  • Initial steps torwards bluetooth support are initialized (plugin for fsodeviced)

Htc Dream:

  • US "extended" keyboard is now activated by default in xorg.conf, if you want DE, or IT adjust your xorg.conf

Nokia N900:

  • a new rebase branch was pushed by GNUtoo that has all the 2.6.37 patches on top of it, but has alsa issues that need to be solved.

Since 2011/01/23


  • gdbus migration done.
  • added a switch to change fso alsa scenarios manually

Palm Pre:

  • dual boot (webOS/SHR) for palm pre (by Slyon).
  • fso-installer quite completed. (by GarthPS)
  • wifi is now working
  • libmsmcomm has ben rewritten using Vala.
    • phonebook handling for palm pre in fso now works (by morphis).

Nokia n900:

  • libisi is being rewritten to vala.
  • n900 patches are beeing rebased on top of the omap PM branch(by GNUtoo and mrmoku)

Nexus One(by GNUtoo):

  • an alsa driver(which is very buggy(buffer underruns)) now exist here
    Note that the nexus one is not even in openembedded(it lacks an hardware keyboard, but has NMEA(gps libraries are FLOSS),AT-commands,WEXT wifi etc...)

Htc Dream(by GNUtoo):

Not a lot of progress were done:

  • splash screen finally made it into openembedded
  • Wifi still has no PSM despite of trying again
  • extended keyboard was upstreamed and is now in openembedded,but not yet activated in xorg.conf
  • linux-next can boot on htc dream, but then you have no way of controlling the phone(no input and no usbnet)


  • New project for GNU/linux X11 distro (using SHR atm). (by Lopi)
  • Basic support for the Iphone3g is in openembedded