Music players

Music playerin in shr-core
intone+mplayer1 yes yes
intone+mplayer2 yes yes
enjoy yes yes

Phones And players

Phone Player Is fast enough to play ogg vorbis Is fast enough to play mp3 Is fast enough to play flac
om-gta02 intone+mplayer1 yes yes should be
om-gta02 intone+mplayer2 yes should be should be

Phones systems issues

Phone Headphones output wired remote control Bluetooth SCO Bluetooth A2DP Others Issues
om-gta02 problematic on most devices(requires bass fix to be ok) ??? yes,not integrated yes, not integrated
n900 OK, not integrated yet not integrted yet not working not working none



Intone+mplayer (1 or 2):

The usage of intone + mplayer (1 or 2) is quite problematic under the freerunner: since most people don't have bass fix(I don't) bluetooth is mandatory for listenning to music trough hearphones.

  • setup the bluetooth headset in intone
  • add that to .asoundrc:
    pcm.!default {
      type bluetooth
      device XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX 
      profile "auto"

Note that only intone and usual alsa program will use that path, not the telephony, ring etc...

Each Time
  • boot the phone
  • open emtooth2
  • open intone, select the folder to play(do not take a too-big folder else it will OOM(out of memory(RAM))
  • click on the settings button and renice mplayer
  • return to the normal menu and press play



  • Integrate bluetooth better
  • Fix QI not reading NAND's /boot/append-GTA02
  • handle the slowness of the CPU in mplayer or find a music player that works and that is capable of playing music fast enough
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