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How to find us and contribute

We are looking for any thoughts, bugreports and patches :)

SHR Blog

Mailing List

Use our mailing list at to contribute directly or share any thoughts. If you like an introductory mail about who you are and how you would like to contribute is welcome but not needed at all.


Please report any bugs that affect our SHR Applications or any other components and add wishes for improvement here. Make sure you use the search function before you post a new bug.


Developers are hanging around in #openmoko-cdevel on FreeNode . Everybody is welcome to join the talks!


Improve the SHR Applications or add features

Maintining the distros

Currently we have an unstable (bleeding edge) version "shr-unstable", and an intermittently maintained shr-testing. We could use an shr-stable version too. More information at ShrMaintainerHowTo