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Where can we find the SHR team ? How to join ? How to contribute

  • The SHR Blog can be found here.

How to join

  • Hang out in IRC between 5pm and 11pm GMT to chat with the people developing SHR. (Primarily mrmoku, TAsn, dos1, spaetz and Ainulindale.)
  • Join and send an introductory email. The introductory email can just be a couple of lines if you like. It should include what part would you want to work on, and any special knowledge you have that would relate to the project, e.g. if you are an OE guru or linux kernel geek, matchbox-window manager guru, etc.


Developers are hanging around in #openmoko-cdevel on FreeNode.


You can contribute by

  • testing SHR Applications and finding bugs. Please report them here. You should check if a bug was already found.
  • developing our applications. Bugfixes and new useful functions are always appreciated.

Talk to us on IRC for more ways to help :)