wiki:Getting started developing SHR

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For developing the applications in SHR, you will have to setup a little more. First you must have a good setup, see Building SHR

Setting the build system to a local environment

First you will have to download the sources into a new subdirectory

cd shr-testing
mkdir shr-apps
cd shr-apps
git clone

Now will have to tell OE that it should build your local sources instead of the official ones from the repo. To do this edit conf/local.conf in shr-testing or shr-unstable and add the following line to it


Then create/edit conf/ with the following content (example is for libframeworkd-phonegui-efl... you can do it analogously for any package):

SRC_URI_pn-libframeworkd-phonegui-efl = "file:///path/to/shr-apps"
SRCREV_pn-libframeworkd-phonegui-efl = "LOCAL"
S_pn-libframeworkd-phonegui-efl = "${WORKDIR}/shr-apps/${PN}"

Now you can start to Developing SHR