openembedded status

gameWas in In meta-games(for shr-core) in shr-core shr-feeds has an launch icon
Battle for wesnoth yes(wesnoth and wesnoth-wvga) yes(normal(wvga) version only(7)) Not yet yes
Wordwarvi yes Not yet Not yet no
prboom yes Not yet Not yet no
crimsonfields yes Not yet Not yet yes
supertux yes Not yet Not yet ?
scummvm yes yes Not yet yes but the .desktop has issues

Device specific configurations/informations

gameom-gta02 om-gta04 crespo nokia900
wesnoth[1] wesnoth[8] wesnoth[8] ? wesnoth[1]
Wordwarvi ? ? ? worked fine
prboom no[2] no[2] ? lacks correct prboom.conf(import the maemo one)
pingus it did [1][3] ? ? it did [1][3]
supertux no[2] it did(supertux-qvga) [5] ? it did(supertux)[6]

[1] needs to be started with the right arguments from the command line

[2] require an hardware keyboard or to adapt the game

[3] memory leaks

[4] sound issues(like buffer underruns)

[5] require keyboard re-mapping

[6] needs patching to take advantage of the big screen resolution

[7] The tinygui version was dropped from upstream...because no one maintained it and it was broken

[8] Unusable without the tinygui, and the tinygui version was dropped from upstream


  • try to modify prboom to load the system configuration instead of .prboom/prboom.cfg, that would permit us to ship a config per device(with the recipe)
  • try to find the supertux patches used in maemo(wide screen for nokia900, map touching the screen to Escape in order to permit the exit of supertux)
  • investigate the customs fields in /usr/share/application/*.desktop that could permit to have a device specific launch Exec commandline.
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