Joint FSO/SHR Users and Developers Convention 2009

[DISCLAIMER: This is still draft material. You are encouraged to give comments about all the propositions. This page will be updated as things clarify.]

IRC meeting point: freenode #fsoshr

Dates & Location

FSOSHR'09 will happen on the 22/23/24 of May at the LinuxHotel? in Essen-Horst, germany.

We have up to 20 seats. Some cheap hotel rooms are also available. Contact Stefan for them.

-- These dates were decided from community availabilities, see Version 33 of the wiki for history

-- These location was decided from community preferences, see Version 42 of the wiki for history


# Attendee Hotel Room needed?
1 Ainulindale Yes
2 alphaone Yes
3 Deubeuliou Yes (sleeping on the floor is ok too)
4 DocScrutinizer Yes (Single room)
5 marcochapeau Yes (don't mind sleeping on the floor)
6 mickeyl Yes
7 josch No
8 roh Yes
9 mrmoku No
10 Onen Yes
11 ptitjes Yes
12 raster Yes
13 shoragan Yes
14 stefan_schmidt Yes
15 khorben (Bearstech) Yes
16 playya No
17 quatrox Yes
18 Thomas Seiler Yes
19 max_posedon Yes (sleeping on the floor is ok too)
20 PaulFertser No
21 Emdete No
22 S.Packet No (Only saturday)

Won't be there


Proposed planning

  Day 0 Day 1 Day 2
8h30   Breakfast Breakfast
  Welcome words (mickeyl, Ainu) Coding Workshop
" -- Past, Present, Future"
  SHR Status, Goals & Architecture ophonekitd and it's UI -- Ainu
SHR Community processes / Community wishes
-- Ainu
12h00 GSM celldb / olcationd -- Daniel & Jan
  Lunch Lunch
Ologicd -- Ptijies
14h00 Testing -- Daniel, ???
  FSO 2.0 -- mickeyl 2.0
15h00 Open session
16h00 Bye words (mickeyl, Ainu)
20h00 Arrival and welcome Future of an Open Phone - Diner Talk about open phone options while eating. (Overlap with Party)
21h00 Party


Accepted talks

  • " -- Past, Present, Future" -- mickeyl
    • From the iPaq to the Neo (6 years of struggeling for open hardware)
    • What application developers want
    • The state of things
    • Plans for the future

Proposed talks

  • "State of the art" talk ("what happened and where we are" - mickeyl, Ainulindale ?)
    • Onen would listen, +1. Interested in comparison with competing platforms.
  • SHR vs. Paroli; SHR + Paroli
  • Target Hardware for FSO and SHR
    • Onen would listen, +1
  • FSOd & frameworkd2
  • Ophonekitd's future
    • Vala rewrite: what it brings (Modularity, testability, configurability, ...)
    • DBus GUI control protocols
  • Joint FSO/SHR testing proposal
    • Using libgmock as a base framework to mock frameworkd or ophonekitd
    • Shared sequence diagrams
  • Ologicd
    • Introduction (use cases, solutions survey...)
    • Current state
    • Flora-2 introduction and demos
    • Expected Logic frameworks
      • Daniel would be interested in anything replacing oeventsd, +1
      • Onen would be interested in how GSM location can be provided to ologicd, if useful. +1
  • State of the GPS DBus API in FSO (Presentation/Discussion?)
    • Gypsy seems quite dead, not many applications use that interface
    • If we need to change the API anyway why not redesign it completely?
    • How should a good DBus interface for GPS look like?
      • Daniel would talk, +1
      • Onen would listen, +1
  • dtest - a black-box approach to testing the FSO DBus API
    • We need high level tests
    • Testing on the actual device
    • Using two devices to test complex stuff (call handling)
    • This could integrate with the "Joint FSO/SHR testing proposal", though I know nothing about it yet.
      • Daniel would talk, +1

Proposed workshops

  • Hardware workshops
    • Buzzfix workshop
      • Daniel would solder, +1
    • Hardware mods (for instance, DocScrutinizer's USB Y-cable)
  • Merge SHR overlay in OE and work out a good workflow for a stable distro and work with OE
    • Daniel would help, +1
  • PIM, the urgent action item
    • Daniel would listen, +1
  • Map data, routing, navit, map widget, location SMS (olocationd), GSM location
    • Onen would listen (may talk about some parts) +1
  • ...


  • Do people prefer hotel rooms or is sleeping on the floor in a room together is also fine?
    • An Hotel room is 15€/night, sleeping in tents is free. I don't mind sleeping in a tent or on the floor. (Deubeuliou)
  • How do we like to handle food? Going out or prepare on our own?
  • Will there be a live stream of the talks for the people who can't come?
    • This is very likely. The hows are currently being managed. We will let you know how this goes!! -- ptitjes
  • Isn't Day0 better for "welcome words"? Welcome words + meeting each other + pizza can fill Day 0 evening.
    • I would be ok with that --ptitjes

Travel (Car sharing, etc...)

In order to allow people to travel together and/or meet during their travel, put here details of your route if you need/want to.

NameFromCar sharing (with auto)Car sharing (passenger) Comment
OnenParis areaYesPreferred
DeubeuliouParis areaNoYes
DidierParis areaYesYes Will take some stuff (broadcast server, camera, some HF mics and a mixer, laser printer, ...)
playyaBaden-Würthenberg yes yes Have to carry 10 servers. Not much space left
  • Many people will arrived in Essen much early then 20'00, where we can meet each other?
    • We have the meeting room from 14:00 on friday. I will be around then. --stefan
  • max_posedon possibly will looking for apartment for Sunday(24)/Monday(25) night.

Photos & Videos & Reports

Let's share all links about event here.

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