Development on SHR-Settings is on;a=summary (previously This app uses python-elementary.

look && feel

Items in settings app should be grouped in submenus, for instance:

        => GSM on / off (/ connect to other network / print cellid etc)
        => GPS on / off (/ check for fix / set gps time ? ) (should we do gps toggle? now gps is starting automatically, handled by frameworkd)
        => WIFI on / off (/ search / connect)
        => GPRS on / off (/ set apn, login & password)
        => Bluetooth on / off (/ search / connect / name / visibility / launch bluetooth-ftp or other bluetooth related things)
        => USB networking
            => usb mode: host, client
            => usb power: only if mode == host
            => usb gadget mode: only if mode == client, change between g_ether, g_file_storage etc
                => change g_file_storage options
        => List of profiles, select profile
        => User should be able to edit profiles: change suspend time, screensaver time, brightness, wallpaper, vibration, sounds etc (depends whats avaible in fso-frameworkd)
        => Maybe way to select and modify sound scenarios
    Other (need to be "categorized"):
        => Clock / Date (maybe here "set time manually", "set time from gps network", "set time from gsm network", "set time from ntp")
        => TimeZone (select your TimeZone)
        => System info
        => We could copy functionality of Sephora and basics of illume-config (wallpaper etc). 
        => /etc/init.d/* { start | stop | restart }

wish list

  • Adding information about the gsm cells in range, as seen on
  • Volume control (integrating functionality of by Angus Ainslie?)
  • configure usb to act as a MTP device (better than usb mass storage class because the file system is _NOT_ "owned" by the host and thus the device itself can for example add, remove, play or rename files during this time without risking corruption of the file system)
  • Wifi : It would be nice to have a list of surrounding networks like the one in lint-wifi :

I would add a button on the right of each line "Connect" which will change to "Disconnect" for the network we are connected at. Having only buttons with the essid displayed inside does not bring the essential info : can I connect (encryption) ? Is it strong enough ? Am I connected or not ?

  • Wifi : Add an option to display only the open (or WPA or Wep) networks
  • Power: Convert the timout settings to sliders. Bring the timeout settings in the correct order ( and make visible that it's a workflow and each value is measured in seconds.
  • Speed: The phone screen of shr-settings is pretty slow to load although it does not contain much information. I can hear GSM activity in a speaker nearby before that screen pops up. Make opening that screen quicker by doing async dbus calls. (I plan to work on that, spaetz)
  • Help pages: Some of the settings are quite complex, eg many don't know how the timeout settings work, so it would be great to have some help pages. Either offline in shr-settings, or simply some pages here on trac that explain the settings.

  • Delivery Reports: Add an option to enable/disable SMS delivery reports (receive a message when the SMS sent reaches its destination).
  • Recuperate the last state of settings when reboot the SHR
  • Add your wish here.


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