DRAFT Release notes

SHR is a community-created and developed distribution for Openmoko Freerunners (GTA01 and GTA02). It is based on FSO (, which is an OpenEmbedded variant. It offers basic phone functionality (contact lists, calls, SMS), GPS applications (tangogps), as well as a number of additional available applications. SHR would like to thank, its sponsor Openmoko Inc., and all individual people who have helped to create and improve it for their contributions.

This -testing snapshot is going to be frozen and only bugs will be gradually fixed, no new features will be introduced. Once it proved stable, this snapshot is going to become SHR Milestone 1, the first stable release of SHR. Bleeding edge development will continue in the -unstable branch of SHR.

SHR is offered in two versions the -full image with many applications included and a -lite image providing all phone related functionality (additional programs can be installed later on). For news, check out, bugs can be reported at

Changes since the last -testing snapshot

  • a newer version of frameworkd, with many bugs fixed. Most prominently a gps bug that sometimes caused wrong data to be fed to the GPS chip, crashing it.
  • edje was fixed, causing enlightenment to use 30% of the FR CPU, which both drained the battery and made the device appear slow.
  • the phone locale now includes support for UTf-8 by default which makes accented and other non-ASCII characters work in the illume keyboard and other places (such as the SMS message editor)
  • right-to-left locales are now supported, hebrew and arabic support has been improved and received some testing
  • shr-settings was significantly improved, offering more functionality
  • the kernel was updated to the latest and greatest, using 2.6.29.rc3 as a base
  • the basic phone apps (dialer, contacts, messages) received some UI improvements and bug fixes

Known deficiencies

  • There is no nice way to change the volume of calls
  • bluetooth (incl handsets) cannot easily be set up. People have been reportedly using bluetooth headsets though. See [SOME LINKE HERE] for more information.
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