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Very well supported:

  • xrandr -o 1 works(bug qvga has issues, xf86-video-glamo needs to be updated to match the current sysfs path for making qvga work flawlessly)
  • the applications are well integrated
  • telephony works fine
  • suspend/resume seem to work fine(not tested extensively)


  • bluetooth audio need to be integrated
  • possible microsd issues(you are not guaranteed to have them, some people like me have them some people don't) with the 2.6.37 kenrel(16/07/2011)


  • armv4@400Mhz
  • 128M of ram
  • 256M of flash
  • microsd slot(attached to the glamo chip)
  • ath6kl sdio wifi chip
  • glamo "graphic card"
  • UBX compatible GPS
  • alsa-soc compatible
  • USB host
  • 2 accelerometers
  • no hardware keyboard but 2 buttons
  • no camera