This page describe how to use the GTA04 hardware specificities.

  • The kernel version used is the 3.4.6



To enable the bmp085 run the following commands:

opkg install kernel-module-bmp085
modprobe bmp085
echo bmp085 0x77 > /sys/bus/i2c/devices/i2c-2/new_device

The following sysfs nodes(such as pressure0_input and temp0_input) and should appear


HMC5883(Compass )

To enable the hmc5883l run the following commands:

opkg install kernel-module-hmc5843
modprobe hmc5843
echo hmc5843 0x1e > /sys/bus/i2c/devices/i2c-2/new_device

The sysfs nodes should appear in:


Other sensors

<cmair> the LIS302 accel on bus address 0x1D
<cmair> and the gyroscope ITG3200 at 0x68
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