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     2= How to find us and contribute =
     3We are looking for any thoughts, bugreports and patches :)
    15== SHR Blog ==
    2  * [ SHR blog] can give you main news about SHR distribution, of course, but also important news around SHR (applications, devices, etc.).
    4 == IRC Channel ==
    5  * You can join our IRC channel at '''freenode''' on #openmoko-cdevel. This channel is not only for SHR distribution and is mainly for developers but users questions and suggestions are welcome.
    7 == Mailing list ==
     8== Mailing List ==
    89There are two mailing-lists dedicated to SHR:
    910 * [ SHR users mailing-list] where users can ask questions, give suggestions and where announcements are made. ([])
    1011 * [ SHR developers mailing-list] where developers can talk about all things related to development. ([])
     13If you like an introductory mail about who you are and how you are going to contribute is welcome but not needed.
     15== Bugtracker ==
     16Please report any bugs that affect our [wiki:"SHR Applications"] or any other components and add wishes for improvement [ here]. Make sure you use the search function before you post a new bug.
     18== IRC ==
     19Developers are hanging around in #openmoko-cdevel on !FreeNode . Everybody is welcome to join the talks!
     21== Apps ==
     22Improve [wiki:"SHR Applications"] or add features
     24== Maintining Distros ==
     25Currently we have an unstable (bleeding edge) version "shr-unstable", and an intermittently maintained [wiki:shr-testing2009 shr-testing]. We could use an shr-stable version too. More information at ShrMaintainerHowTo