12:53 Ticket #1204 (GPS ressource unavailable) created by elhennig
GPS ressource becomes unavailable after resuming the freerunner from …


17:22 Firmware created by dos
stub for firmware page
12:07 Ticket #1203 (halt from button after 7s does not work in latest kernel) created by dscaini
Halt from button pressed for 7s does not work with latest shr-u (maybe …


23:03 DreamInstall edited by GNUtoo


22:08 Ticket #1202 (shr-wizard's next button not working) created by carcinoma
after fresh flash, the "next" button on shr-wizard's second page (country …
22:04 Ticket #1201 (Mplayer - no play after pause) created by carcinoma
After pause the mplayer, it does not play. before, i fixed it by using …


14:16 Ticket #1199 (Contacts crashes after scrolling with the shortcuts) closed by vanous
duplicate: I think this is if you scroll too fast after launching and so this is a …
13:19 Ticket #1103 (Please add gnuplot and galculator/speedcrunch to shr-u feed if possible) closed by jama
fixed in unstable: galculator and gnuplot added to feeds
06:07 DreamInstall edited by GNUtoo
06:02 DreamInstall edited by GNUtoo


20:08 Ticket #1200 ("make setup" fails with official Makefile because missing file ...) closed by jama
fixed: Thanks for patch
17:34 Ticket #1200 ("make setup" fails with official Makefile because missing file ...) created by nschle85
Here is the interesting output: Initialized empty Git repository in …


23:03 ShrMaintainerHowTo edited by tim_abell
more detail on how to maintain each version of shr (diff)
22:48 shr-testing2009 edited by tim_abell
link back to new maintainers' guide (diff)
22:46 ShrMaintainerHowTo edited by tim_abell
openembedded testing link (diff)
22:43 ShrMaintainerHowTo edited by tim_abell
fixed link (diff)
22:41 ShrMaintainerHowTo edited by tim_abell
much more info from my head on maintenance! (diff)
22:33 ShrMaintainerHowTo edited by tim_abell
shr version summary (diff)
22:28 How to join edited by tim_abell
stub for being a maintainer (needs work!) (diff)
22:27 ShrMaintainerHowTo created by tim_abell
stub for being a maintainer
16:27 Ticket #1199 (Contacts crashes after scrolling with the shortcuts) created by elhennig
When scrolling through contacts using the letter shortcuts contacts …
16:24 Ticket #1177 (No contacts shown) closed by elhennig
fixed in unstable


22:41 Ticket #1198 (linphone free fails to connect to sip:info@intertex.se) created by dmatthews
linphone - 3.1.0-r1.4 - SIP-based IP phone (console edition) shr testing …
20:26 Ticket #1197 ("make image" fails on matchbox-panel-2) created by tim_abell
svn: Failed to add directory 'matchbox-panel-2/applets': an unversioned …


02:55 DreamInstall edited by GNUtoo
00:02 Ticket #1196 (phone suspends even when connected to USB) created by zub
I've always seen it happen in the following way: 1) phone is connected to …


23:57 Ticket #1195 (display sometimes stays semi-dimmed even when tapped on) created by zub
If you tap on the display in the right moment, it's possible to confuse …
23:42 Ticket #1194 (wrong window order when cycling windows with illume2) created by zub
Start any three applications (to get three different windows). E.g.: 1) …
23:31 Ticket #1193 (illume2 often gets confused about the on-screen keyboard state) created by zub
It often happens that the on-screen keyboard is not visible but the active …


20:01 DreamInstall edited by GNUtoo
"gps" is not included in images (diff)
19:58 DreamInstall edited by GNUtoo
08:54 Ticket #1192 (Allopurinol Rezeptfrei Kaufen) closed by Heinervdm


23:03 Ticket #1192 (Allopurinol Rezeptfrei Kaufen) created by wirkstoff


13:44 Building_SHR_old edited by otypoks


23:15 Ticket #1163 (no openbmap-logger in feeds) closed by janv
fixed in unstable: I just installed openbmap-logger from the SHR_U feeds.
15:16 Ticket #1191 (testing: cron is taking 100% CPU) created by jipeye
After a fresh new install (flash) setting current date may corrupt cron so …
13:14 Ticket #1190 (shr-testing: phoneui memory leak) created by jipeye
Hi, I think there is a memory leak in latest testing image (end of May + …
12:08 Ticket #1189 (SMS and calls not working) created by jeremy-list
On the latest SHR image, kernel, and bootloader I cannot make or recieve …
11:26 Ticket #1188 (USB Host not working) created by jeremy-list
I have just reinstalled SHR to find out whether one of the bugs I wasn't …


20:41 DreamInstall edited by GNUtoo
20:40 DreamInstall edited by GNUtoo
20:39 DreamInstall edited by GNUtoo
17:09 DreamInstall edited by GNUtoo
15:12 Ticket #1187 (vala-terminal colors change sometimes) created by zub
Sometimes vala-terminal changes colors. The wrong colour is persistent - …
14:41 Ticket #1162 (can't enter password on firstrun wizard shr-u) closed by mrmoku
fixed in unstable: dos1 fixed it and it works now :) - fixed with …
10:01 Ticket #1186 (opkg freezes system (image 2010 08 12, tar.gz)) created by robin
I just installed the latest build onto my sdcard. Connecting to wifi is …


21:46 Building_SHR_old edited by nschle85
programs is written with single "m" (diff)
21:24 Ticket #1180 (make image returns with error) closed by nschle85
fixed in unstable: Martin Jansa blacklisted all 2.4 kernels: HEAD is now at 1443fb7 shr: …
21:00 Building_SHR_old edited by nschle85
i asked some native english speakers, so "depencies" is no english word (diff)
17:38 Ticket #1185 (Version bump request: python-pybluez) created by corux
Please bump python-pybluez to current upstream version 0.18. Available …
13:03 Ticket #1184 (Package Request: btrfsprogs) created by elhennig
After my - quite unsuccesful - try with xfs where the filesystem got …


23:04 Ticket #1173 (No wifi, no usb = no connection to freerunner after latest upgrade ...) closed by jama
22:33 Ticket #1183 (terminfo missing, thus several programs do not work) closed by jama
fixed in unstable
21:09 Ticket #1183 (terminfo missing, thus several programs do not work) created by rainglasz
Several programs, e.g. 'top', 'nano', fail with the message: Error opening …


13:16 Ticket #1182 (packages requests for Minneo, Chroneo, OptimSMS2, Mokometeo, Gwaterpass ...) created by Davide
It would be really interesting to have the following packages to shr feed. …
12:20 Ticket #1181 (Dictator doesn't recrd at all) created by Davide
Dictator on feeds isn't recording at all. This is what it "says" when you …
00:10 Ticket #1180 (make image returns with error) created by nschle85
"make image" contains a lot of errors and reports failure but no package …


16:47 Ticket #1174 (eds-dbus repository moved, please cherry-pick relevant update) closed by jama
fixed in unstable
16:38 Ticket #1179 (XFS support in SHR-U) closed by jama
fixed in unstable


09:34 Ticket #1179 (XFS support in SHR-U) created by elhennig
Hi, is it possible to have xfs filesystem support (maybe as module) in …
09:30 Ticket #1175 (Messages does not work) closed by elhennig
worksforme: As I found sone errors regarding jffs2 in dmesg I reinstalled the latest …
09:28 Ticket #1178 (Window without function) created by elhennig
Since the latest upgrade I have a strange window after enlightenment …
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