23:28 Ticket #1011 (Close shr-today on incoming call) created by njw
I find unlocking the phone to answer annoying, and makes it more likely …
21:51 Ticket #930 (suspend/resume broken in SHR-testing) closed by texoft2
20:43 Ticket #1010 (Cannot add contact) created by vanous
go to Contacts->New->Add Field->Phone>Tap Edit icon->tap the field and kb …
16:01 Ticket #968 (Neon seems not woring) closed by Heinervdm
invalid: Neon works great here. And i think it always was, as it wasn't updated.
15:42 Ticket #823 (settings / wallpaper colour) closed by Heinervdm
wontfix: That's part of the theme, and i think it's good thing because that way you …
15:38 Ticket #806 (opkg install not working after upgrade (14.12.2009)) closed by Heinervdm
fixed: No answer since 5 weeks, so this seems to be fixed.
15:33 Ticket #625 (turning illume keyboard off prevents going to fullscreen) closed by Heinervdm
15:28 Ticket #896 (shr-today ugly in landscape mode) closed by Heinervdm
15:23 Ticket #757 (mesa-dri is missing a dependency on "expat") closed by Heinervdm
15:19 Ticket #972 (Pingus doesn't start) closed by Heinervdm
14:34 Ticket #653 (Change "Messages List" so it'll update when a new sms is recieved.) closed by mrmoku
fixed: fixed in current SHR-Unstable
14:32 Ticket #1006 (SMS stored on SIM, against framework.conf's wishes) closed by mrmoku
fixed: current frameworkd has no different storage backends anymore... everything …


17:20 Ticket #779 (Reflect message status in its appearance) closed by mrmoku
fixed: The unread state is shown now. As for the present on SIM/present in memory …
17:13 Ticket #890 (GSM/phonefsod broken after bootup) closed by mrmoku
fixed: this is fixed upstream
17:13 Ticket #827 (Shr-today doesn't show missed calls) closed by mrmoku
fixed: should be fixed in the new testing too now


19:08 SHR_Architecture edited by Heinervdm
Update (diff)
19:04 architecture.png attached to SHR_Architecture by Heinervdm
19:01 SHR Applications edited by Heinervdm
19:01 SHR Applications edited by Heinervdm
Update (diff)
18:59 Building_SHR_old edited by slyon
typo… (diff)
18:36 Building_SHR_old edited by Heinervdm
18:36 Building_SHR_old edited by Heinervdm
Update Troubleshouting (diff)
18:29 Building_SHR_old edited by Heinervdm
Update "Updating from other people's changes" section (diff)
18:25 Building_SHR_old edited by Heinervdm
Update "Making changes" section (diff)
17:45 Building_SHR_old edited by Heinervdm
some cleaning (diff)
17:36 Building_SHR_old edited by Heinervdm
17:35 Building_SHR_old edited by Heinervdm
reformat depencies (diff)
17:18 Building_SHR_old edited by Heinervdm
17:18 Building_SHR_old edited by Heinervdm
Add depencies (diff)


18:05 Ticket #1008 (Image in shr-today background stretched) closed by Airon90
fixed: Already fixed in SHR-U. Please wait next release of SHR-T :)
13:27 Ticket #1009 (Touchscreen-Feedback via Vibration) created by elhennig
It would be great to be able to use vibration as feedback for touchscreen …
02:38 Ticket #1008 (Image in shr-today background stretched) created by njw
In new shr-testing the background image of the shr logo is stretched …
02:14 Ticket #1007 (Keyboard doesn't appear when terminal is opened) created by njw
Using the illume-shr profile on shr-lite testing, whenever I open the …


19:11 Building_SHR_old edited by Heinervdm
19:09 Building_SHR_old edited by Heinervdm
Remove obsolete DISTRO = "shr" from config (diff)
12:44 Ticket #1006 (SMS stored on SIM, against framework.conf's wishes) created by ssam
My sim only holds 10 messages, so i need my messages stored in the sqlite …


21:04 Ticket #1005 (No vibration on incoming call or message) created by sybren
Since I upgraded from the previous testing release to the current one, the …
17:18 Ticket #1004 (Phonelog crashes since opim/pim.db upgrade) created by sp
The Phonelog application crashes since I upgraded yesterday (20100311). I …
11:59 Ticket #703 (sdl does not have sound (e.g. with openmoocow)) closed by Heinervdm
11:59 Ticket #832 (Defect shr-lite-eglibc-ipk--20091213-om-gta02.rootfs.tar.gz) closed by Heinervdm
11:58 Ticket #915 (Problem with pairing bluetooth devices on shr-t) closed by Heinervdm


16:15 Ticket #1003 (org.freesmartphone.opimd does not export /org/freesmartphone/PIM/Sources) created by yorambh
This remote object is needed by shr-settings, for the "Domains" settings. …
16:02 Ticket #1002 (First run wizard + 1024 fix add a toggle for deep_sleep) created by jesusmccloud
The first run wizard should include a toggle taht lets the user choose …
13:34 Howto get my application in the SHR feed edited by jama


20:26 Ticket #1001 (Consolidate opkg package categories with dpkg categories) created by pander
Please consolidate the opkg pakcage categories so that they are compatible …
11:57 Ticket #1000 (Contacts/messages gone) created by sybren
Yesterday I upgraded my Freerunner to the new SHR-testing. My contacts …
11:56 Ticket #999 (Call UI problem, probably related to looking up names) created by sybren
Yesterday I upgraded my Freerunner to the new SHR-testing. When a call …


20:52 Ticket #998 (Please add Net::Dbus and YAML::Syck perl modules) created by yorambh
Those 2 modules are needed to port a perl application written by me, to …
19:11 Building_SHR_old edited by Shulyaka
16:08 Ticket #997 (Cannot get connected to wifi through mokonnect) created by Airon90
I know it is banal but I can't get connected to wifi through mokonnect. I …
16:04 Ticket #996 (Customable shr-today) created by Airon90
Hi, is it possible to customize shr-today? I meant, is it possible to …
15:56 Ticket #995 (Popup helping in selecting numbers) created by Airon90
Hi you all, I have a wish: is it possible to create a popup which comes …
15:48 Ticket #994 (SHR loads settings) created by Airon90
Hi you all, During this week, SHR loads automatically two pages off …


22:16 Ticket #989 (make update fails for bitbake update) closed by Heinervdm
21:29 Ticket #952 (no package provides ssl ca certificates, ventura ssl doesn't works) closed by Heinervdm
fixed: ca-certificates is in the feeds now
21:26 Ticket #993 (Volume changes in calls are only temporary) created by TAsn
As said in topic. This happens because fso does not listen for config …
19:17 Howto get my application in the SHR feed edited by jama
17:21 Ticket #992 (shr-settings cant set time) closed by TAsn
duplicate: Replying to elhennig: > see #978 Exactly.
14:44 Ticket #992 (shr-settings cant set time) created by BillK
cant set time. I think the busybox date command has changed its format as …


14:54 Ticket #991 (shr-settings broken in latest upgrade) created by daniele_athome
Trying to start shr-settings, this is the entire print dump: SHR Settings …
06:11 Ticket #990 (GTA01 - LCD and touchscreen orientation not the same) created by Psi
When using the following image on GTA01 (and kernel within) …


21:16 Ticket #989 (make update fails for bitbake update) created by nschle85
Console output updating bitbake You asked me to pull without telling me …
21:12 Ticket #971 (mesa-dri-2_7.7.999-r7.0+gitr0+1ac166895fef47806c9e9286d2a6356b4db8398d ...) closed by nschle85
fixed: compiled a new image now its ok
15:49 Ticket #988 (Problem with upgrade of opkg) created by elhennig
The upgrade of the opkg package breaks the file /usr/lib/opkg/status which …


21:40 Ticket #987 (make setup fails with "fatal: git checkout: branch master already exists") closed by nschle85
fixed: JaMa? fixed the Makefile
21:03 Ticket #987 (make setup fails with "fatal: git checkout: branch master already exists") created by nschle85
1.get the makefile from shr project page (ok) 2. make setup (fails see …


11:50 Building_SHR_old edited by Heinervdm
04:51 Ticket #986 (Please reinstate iptables to feed!) created by jeremy-list
I've had iptables on my openmoko phone until it was automatically removed …
02:57 Ticket #985 (librsvg-native-2.26.0-r0 does not compile) created by sbusch
compiling "librsvg-native" fails with the following error message. seems …
02:18 Ticket #984 (Quick-settings issues) created by sicu
The dimm/suspend sliders in quick-settings overlap the last letter of the …
01:28 Ticket #982 (opkg upgrade seg'faults) closed by sicu
fixed: This was due to buildhost issues and should now be rebuilt correctly on …


22:23 Ticket #983 (add neolight to shr deployment) created by nahumba
i think neolight is an essential and light weight application that should …
11:13 Ticket #474 (cannot reply sms in native language) reopened by qnikst
Trying to reopen ticket. I've installed SHR-U on Feb 27. I have next …


15:32 Ticket #931 (strange singularity in navit map) closed by texoft2
fixed: Updated my map files to February 16th 2010, defect disappeared. Tested …


18:31 Ticket #982 (opkg upgrade seg'faults) created by elhennig
$ opkg upgrade Upgrading task-shr-minimal-base on root from 2.0-r24.4 to …


10:19 Ticket #981 (Problems of SHR in Illume2) created by Airon90
Hi you all, I just reflashed SHR-U after some problems. I had to shutdown …
00:50 Ticket #877 (GSM unregistering during active phone call) closed by TAsn
fixed: I agree.


21:38 Ticket #957 (GSM not working) closed by TAsn
upstream: Bah, upstream.
01:39 Ticket #980 (xchat double click on link should open ventura) created by max_posedon
looks like shr doesn't do classic mime-type handling (or however it named …


17:33 Ticket #979 (Error in package installation (alsa-scenarii-shr)) created by elhennig
The installation process of alsa-scenarii-shr brings up following error, …
10:29 Ticket #978 (Settings Time with shr-settings fails) created by elhennig
I cannot set the current time with the date plugin of shr-settings. …


00:00 Howto get my application in the SHR feed edited by ott--
typo (recognize instead of recognice) (diff)


18:02 Ticket #776 (ldd package should requires bash) closed by Heinervdm
fixed: fixed with that commit: …


03:10 Ticket #977 (navit crashes when "internal" gui enabled and map clicked) created by tim_abell
navit crashes when "internal" gui enabled and map clicked i have no idea …
03:07 Ticket #976 (navit doesn't update map when any osd items enabled) created by tim_abell
navit doesn't update map when any osd items enabled in navit.xml eg <osd …
00:33 Tweaks edited by tim_abell
don't use speech dispatcher (diff)


23:14 Ticket #975 (aoss doesn't run) created by tim_abell
root@om-gta02 /media/card $ aoss flite -t 'hello' ERROR: ld.so: object …
22:34 Ticket #974 (random message about roy) created by tim_abell
i think this was something to do with the settings app but not really …
22:17 Ticket #973 (orrery fails to start when locale set) created by Davide
If I try to start orrery from shr-u feeds with locale set to gl_ES.UTF-8 …
20:42 Ticket #964 (make image fails due to missing gst plugins) closed by nschle85
fixed: testet with new sandbox, image was created correctly
18:12 Ticket #972 (Pingus doesn't start) created by Davide
Pingus installed from shr feeds on shr-u updated as of feb 21 2010, …
18:12 Ticket #971 (mesa-dri-2_7.7.999-r7.0+gitr0+1ac166895fef47806c9e9286d2a6356b4db8398d ...) created by nschle85
compiling shr-unstable "make image" exits with compile error: …
17:59 Ticket #970 (omview fails to start) created by Davide
With shr-u, upodated as of feb 21, omview installed from shr feeds fails …


23:59 Ticket #969 (Silence phone on incoming calls) created by nhv
In older SHR builds it used to be possible to mute the ringtone on …
13:33 Ticket #968 (Neon seems not woring) created by Hardy
Here the Error-Output after typing Neon in Terminal: root@om-gta02 ~ $ …
12:09 Kernel Modules edited by Heinervdm
03:27 Ticket #967 (pixman_0.17.6.bb do_compile failed) closed by nschle85
worksforme: remove libpixman from staging/armv4*/usr/lib/lib*cairo*.la bitbake -c …
00:49 Ticket #967 (pixman_0.17.6.bb do_compile failed) created by nschle85
compiled shr-lite-image from scratch a few days ago today: make update; …


21:11 Ticket #966 (Zombie SMS) closed by TAsn
upstream: It's actually an upstream (opimd) issue, I already rewrote most of opimd …
03:52 Ticket #966 (Zombie SMS) created by jeremy-list
Recently, my provider has been occasionally delivering SMS messages twice. …


23:32 Ticket #965 (cannot click GUI buttons in setup screen) created by nschle85
after installing a fresh self compiled image (shr-unstable) on sd card, …
22:00 Ticket #964 (make image fails due to missing gst plugins) created by nschle85
a fresh make image in shr-unstable fails: Configuring …
00:39 Ticket #960 (phoneuid is broken again) closed by TAsn
duplicate: dupe of #957
00:39 Ticket #957 (GSM not working) reopened by TAsn
closed dupe #960
00:38 Ticket #961 (add new contact to sim don't work) closed by TAsn
upstream: upstream opimd issue.


22:37 Kernel Modules edited by beniwtv
Added note about snd-pcm-oss (diff)
22:17 Ticket #963 (opd (in obexpush) package can not be stopped or restarted through ...) created by beniwtv
Hi all, I just installed the obexpush packages, and when doing a …
14:20 Ticket #962 (file from the Package "file" seems to be broken) created by elhennig
When I run file following error is shown: $ file file: could not find any …
10:43 Ticket #961 (add new contact to sim don't work) created by multi
If I use default domains SIM-contacts-FSO and add new contact from …
08:41 Ticket #411 (Profiles selection) reopened by njw
I agree that this would be a very useful default to add. Just a very …


22:10 Ticket #960 (phoneuid is broken again) created by Hardy
same issue like last time
19:26 Ticket #955 (massages get killed after a few seconds) closed by TAsn
fixed: Fixed, opkg upgrade. All hail mrmoku.
18:33 Ticket #958 (Power-Settings in Shr-Settings aren't persistent) closed by TAsn
upstream: I can't find it atm, but there was a similar ticket, it's an upstream …
18:29 Ticket #959 (Enlightenment Text-Boxes and pressing "end") closed by TAsn
upstream: upstream e issue.
18:27 Ticket #957 (GSM not working) closed by TAsn
invalid: I think this is best, as for closing window: sounds like the same issue …
16:57 Ticket #959 (Enlightenment Text-Boxes and pressing "end") created by vaninwagen
When pressing "end" in any text-box in shr (e.g. sms-text-entry) the …
16:49 Ticket #958 (Power-Settings in Shr-Settings aren't persistent) created by vaninwagen
Changes I make to "auto-dim", "auto-suspend" and timeout-settings aren't …
09:50 Ticket #957 (GSM not working) created by elhennig
Since the upgrade of Feb 13th GSM only registers eventually when I restart …
08:29 Ticket #956 (gpsd sets time to UTC) closed by Heinervdm
upstream: You should open a ticket for this at  http://trac.freesmartphone.org/ , as …
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