14:43 Ticket #565 (UserAgent in Midori) created by Ficik
Google, Facebook, Last.fm and lot more sites has optimized version for …
00:38 Ticket #396 (The messages app doesn't count characters correctly.) closed by dos
fixed: That's correct behaviour. When you're typing some letter, which isn't …
00:11 Ticket #396 (The messages app doesn't count characters correctly.) reopened by jesusmccloud
I serached an di think this ticket might be the closest match for the …


23:07 Ticket #564 (shr-settings Profile->Ring volume not affecting ring volume) created by vanous
subj says the whole thing and as seen in a thread in user@shr i am not …
20:23 Ticket #372 (Vagalume segfaults on play) closed by mrmoku


21:31 Ticket #358 (package atd - alarm daemon) reopened by nadavvin
atd-over-fso missing in the last version of unstable 21/7
17:18 Ticket #64 (Date/Time on some messages is wrong) reopened by johnnymnemonic
In SHR unstable (23/07/09) all the messages have the date set to …
14:15 Ticket #563 (no gps on latest shr unstable) created by alfa21
it doesn't get a fix, only get the timestamp. if you open settings -> gps …
09:17 Ticket #562 (Reduce default logging in testing build) created by Pander
Please optimise the unstable and testing build for end users that just …
09:10 Ticket #206 (No Illume desktop icon for some new installed packages) reopened by Pander
navit does not install a launcher on the desktop


15:58 Ticket #561 (navit will only work after installation of navit-dev) created by Pander
navit will only work after installation of navit-dev This triggers …
00:26 Ticket #560 (Update fbreader) created by sybren
In the SHR repository, FBReader 0.8.2 is included. However, this version …


22:07 Ticket #559 (phone call and stereo broken) created by piratebab
The sequence is as following - listening to some music (with intone, wired …
07:02 Tweaks edited by the_gurgler


16:39 Ticket #558 (Show smileys in SMS, while reading and while writing) created by Pander
Show smileys in SMS, while reading and while writing. For definitions, …
13:13 Ticket #557 (headset push button) created by piratebab
I have tried the headset for phone call. It works ! I have to optimise the …


22:15 Customize edited by catholicon
on demand GPRS (diff)
14:32 Ticket #556 (Remove speech-dispatcher from navit dependences) closed by dos
fixed: Patches sent, waiting for commiting into OE and package regeneration.
03:20 Ticket #556 (Remove speech-dispatcher from navit dependences) created by mateuszkj
Mplayer doesn't play sound after:> espeak test 1 2 3 Before play espeak, …


01:59 Ticket #551 (Ophonekitd doesn't start at boot after latest upgrade) closed by TAsn
fixed: Dos fixed it :) latest git ophonekitd, will be built asap.
01:17 Ticket #187 (Release button doesn't do anything in outgoing calls) reopened by FiXion
Using shr unstable - updated with opkg today (incl. changing to fso-abyss) …


21:01 Ticket #205 (SMS Timestamps set to Unix Epoch) reopened by jasonwalsh
I've just installed the latest SHR unstable, and am having this problem. …
07:57 Ticket #555 (phone log and contact list) created by piratebab
In phone log, it would be nice to have a new functionnality: add to …
07:12 Ticket #484 (Don't put configuration files in the packages.) closed by TAsn
fixed: Fixed :) Patch for opkg sent to shr-devel and will be sent upstream as …


12:20 i18n created by FiXion
12:18 WikiStart edited by FiXion


18:39 Ticket #554 (usb0 configuration) created by piratebab
In SHR unstable, there is a configuration problem with usb0. The …


18:52 Ticket #553 (Remove configuration files from packages) closed by TAsn
duplicate: OOPS, DUPE #484 :(
18:49 Ticket #553 (Remove configuration files from packages) created by TAsn
Hey, ATM we store many configuration files (most notably phonegui's conf …
15:32 Ticket #552 (Sugget importing sim contacts + messages upon insertion of a new sim card) created by TAsn
Hey, We prefer working with opimd's sqlite and not with the sim card, as …


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12:31 Ticket #551 (Ophonekitd doesn't start at boot after latest upgrade) created by TAsn
Error: $ cat /var/log/ophonekitd.log (process:1470): DEBUG: Entering …


18:16 Ticket #544 (Sim Contacts Can't Be Edited, No new contacts can be added sqllite ...) closed by dos
fixed: Are you talking about opimd? Well, we're not using opimd by default... But …
18:14 Ticket #550 (The opimds backends list doesn't get updated after changing a setting) closed by dos
fixed: Was already fixed
16:14 Developing SHR edited by TAsn
16:12 Getting started developing SHR edited by TAsn
14:56 Ticket #550 (The opimds backends list doesn't get updated after changing a setting) created by TAsn
Way to reproduce: Open shr-settings -> others -> domains -> messages -> …
14:30 Ticket #549 (Python libs) created by pieterc
Should be added to the feeds: in python-netclient: mimetool.py rfc822.py …


22:19 Ticket #548 (Create a libphonefunctions that will host many needed phone functions) created by TAsn
For example: number canonization and number comparison. We should also …
14:28 Ticket #404 (ophonekitd crashes with ** WARNING **: error: TODO ...) closed by TAsn
invalid: Seems like this issue is dead, no one is responding, probably fixed. If …
14:26 Ticket #541 (MoFi disables usb0 permanently) closed by TAsn
upstream: Project MoFi euthanasia has started (i.e we are dropping it from shr), …
14:21 Ticket #547 (Many of the phonegui screens don't handle different screen sizes correctly) created by TAsn
Way to reproduce: Open the dialer, rotate the screen and watch the horror. …


18:45 Ticket #546 (libgtkmm in SHR) created by tordo
Hi! I'd like to write some small applications for the openmoko, but I hate …
15:14 Ticket #545 (Make a "safe to upgrade/reflash" indicator in IRC/Website) created by TAsn
Hey, ATM it's hard for users to know whether it's safe to upgrade/reflash …
14:53 Ticket #544 (Sim Contacts Can't Be Edited, No new contacts can be added sqllite ...) created by Tig
Using the 3rd July SHR Unstable image, contacts on SIM can be viewed but …
12:07 Ticket #543 (Alarm doesn't work) created by kmpgrtn
I don't know whether this is the same issue as tickets #110 or #171, but …


16:02 Ticket #417 (Dictator (or other call recording software)) closed by TAsn
fixed: same goes for "call recorder". as both are now in the repos I'm closing …


21:50 Ticket #542 (elmdentica Package request) created by crueb
Due to the constant changes of elementary libs it would be nice to always …
20:27 Ticket #541 (MoFi disables usb0 permanently) created by rainglasz
When mofi is used, the usb0 device is shut down permanently (until reboot …
19:11 Ticket #540 (default backlight percent 100%: waste power) created by mqy
My test results shows 100% back light power consumes about 100mA current. …


15:21 Building_SHR_old edited by Gorbusch
Troubleshooting for gst-plugins-good added (diff)


09:44 Tweaks edited by zaptac
06:40 Ticket #539 (There should be the ability to mute and control other volume setting ...) created by vendion
During phone calls there should be the ability to mute the phone call and …


23:08 Ticket #538 (omgps won't install) created by tim_abell
root@om-gta02 ~ $ opkg install python-pygobject libgthread-2.0-0 …
22:59 MoFi edited by tim_abell
note from irc (diff)


21:19 Ticket #537 (Add opkg to the dependencies of shr-lite-image) created by degt
opkg is missing in the shr-lite-image when built from scratch. I think …
14:38 Ticket #529 (No package for python gzip module) closed by spaetz
invalid: Yes, python is being installed in a reduced form, not including all of the …
14:35 Ticket #469 (Alarm does not work after suspend/while in suspend) closed by spaetz
invalid: not answering 6 weeks after a question-> closed
14:22 Ticket #534 (start call from browser) closed by spaetz
upstream: upstreamed feature request: …
14:09 Ticket #531 (Bug Report) closed by spaetz
upstream: This is an upstream proplem and has been reported, see eg …
13:06 Ticket #524 (SDcard IO Error and FS corruption when receiving call (unstable image)) closed by spaetz
12:45 Ticket #172 (disable screen blanking/suspend for certain apps.) closed by spaetz
fixed: see  http://lists.openmoko.org/nabble.html#nabble-td2630893 I would be …
12:36 Ticket #502 (unable to restart frameworkd with working gsm or sim) closed by spaetz
12:21 Ticket #536 (please check if that is possible for SHR, too. (static /dev in hackable:1)) closed by spaetz
wontfix: Sorry, SHR is intended not only for the GTA02 but also for potentially …
12:14 Ticket #530 (GPS doesn't work in SHR unstable) closed by spaetz
10:48 Ticket #197 (Adding a name in the add contact screen should give you a non predictive ...) closed by spaetz
wontfix: Agreed, sorry there is nothing we can do about this. We don't have any …
09:35 Ticket #491 (No icons application) closed by spaetz
fixed: Closing as fixed. There is a shr-menu package now that defines which icons …


22:41 Ticket #536 (please check if that is possible for SHR, too. (static /dev in hackable:1)) created by Detructor
 http://trac.hackable1.org/trac/ticket/19 that would improve the boot …
22:30 Ticket #535 (Make bluetooth more comfortable) created by Detructor
* include pand * make the config from here …


21:29 Ticket #534 (start call from browser) created by Ficik
Some sites (facebook..) has call links in their mobile version. It's url …


12:40 Ticket #533 (erminig unusable) created by crueb
As requested in #507 erminig is now in the repo, but when extracting the …


18:06 Ticket #532 (update qwo in repository) created by alfa21
latest should be 0.5 but in shr unstable we have 0.4 please update
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