16:10 Ticket #438 (problem gnome-config->dbus) created by TDTwister
Hi! I discovered that many applications that use gnome config are unable …
15:08 Building_SHR_old edited by zub
Add info about vala-native issues. (diff)
02:53 Ticket #437 (mplayer with tremor support) created by toaster
Along with #415, could mplayer be compiled with tremor (integer ogg …
00:06 How to join edited by methril


23:06 Ticket #436 (No autosuspend/autodimming when not touching touchscreen.) created by kadamski
I'm using latest SHR image …
23:01 FSOSHRUDCON'09 edited by onen
Added travel section for car sharing, etc. (diff)
16:22 Ticket #435 (The default locale is again POSIX and not en_US.utf8) created by TAsn
When running apps from Illume, used locale is en_GB.UTF-8; but ophonekitd …
13:54 Ticket #434 (webcam uvc modules) created by ant
Now that the uvc driver module is in the 2.6.29 kernels, can it please be …


17:51 Tweaks edited by jonquark


23:35 Ticket #433 (Poweroff / suspend screen is only one pixel wide) closed by dos
23:34 Ticket #433 (Poweroff / suspend screen is only one pixel wide) created by thefloe
When pressing the power button a just one pixel wide line appears where …
16:40 Ticket #432 (Broken line breaks) created by toaster
When entering text on the Compose SMS screen, the line breaks are breaking …
13:51 Ticket #431 (Problem with Dillo) created by ritchy
after opkg-dillo-installation: […]


20:27 Ticket #430 (Illume: Power menu only 1px wide) closed by dos
upstream: The same ticket was opened before... It's upstream problem…
17:14 Ticket #430 (Illume: Power menu only 1px wide) created by crueb
On SHR testing from from 03-May-2009, using SHR Illume theme the power …
16:48 Ticket #429 (OH-Puzzles missing from repository) created by Montgoss
The oh-puzzles ipk is no longer available in the feed.
16:36 Ticket #428 (WSOD after resume) created by crueb
using SHR testing from 03-May-2009, Linux om-gta02 2.6.29-rc2 #1 PREEMPT …
15:57 Ticket #427 (Phonelog on latest SHR-Testing crashes cases the call program to not work) closed by mrmoku
fixed: fixed and update is in the feed
15:47 Ticket #427 (Phonelog on latest SHR-Testing crashes cases the call program to not work) created by vendion
On the latest SHR-Testing 05/03 when I try to launch the phonelog program …


16:20 Ticket #426 (opendoom + duke3d) created by skamster
hello there, i just find it cool, if opendoom and duke3d would be runnable …


22:42 Ticket #185 (Problems mounting uSD card) closed by spaetz
18:18 Ticket #424 (Boot/Reboot dialogue only 1 pixel wide) closed by dos
upstream: It's upstream problem, please report it on e17 bugtracker.
11:50 FSOSHRUDCON'09 edited by stefan
Breakfast is available from 8:30 - 9:30 according to the last info from … (diff)


21:57 Tweaks edited by M8ram
confirmed that removing speech-dispatcher fixes the audio breakage after … (diff)
14:32 FSOSHRUDCON'09 edited by onen
09:49 Ticket #425 (Use AUX button for locking the screen) created by Detructor
Please use the AUX button for locking the screen
09:48 Ticket #424 (Boot/Reboot dialogue only 1 pixel wide) created by Detructor
When I press the Power button, there is a 1 pixel wide line, vertically …


22:40 Building_SHR_old edited by zub
18:00 Programs that wait for YOU! edited by scheich
15:22 Programs that wait for YOU! edited by schannall
10:42 Tweaks edited by flohack
Added procedure for disableing suspend with shr settings (diff)


17:37 Getting started developing SHR edited by Deubeuliou
reverting (diff)
17:11 Getting started developing SHR edited by Deubeuliou
wrong path for the local-builds.inc file (diff)
00:34 Ticket #422 (config ring-tone regression) closed by dos


22:20 Ticket #423 (unable to specify the tune for sid ringtones using the gui) created by alfa21
in the default profile we have message-tone: Arkanoid_PSID.sid;tune=3 if …
22:04 Ticket #422 (config ring-tone regression) created by alfa21
it's no longer possible to play a tune different from the first in .sid …


23:10 Ticket #421 (SMS notification sound only on first message. Following messages without ...) created by erik
If I receive a message after boot, the prefered sound (a .wav file) gets …
20:02 Ticket #420 (Sending long sms from command line crashes the bus) closed by dos
upstream: Please report it on fso tracker.
19:51 Ticket #402 (openmoko-messages was interrupted by a Segmentation Fault) closed by mrmoku
15:51 Ticket #420 (Sending long sms from command line crashes the bus) created by KaZeR
If you try to send 160+ chars long messages from command line, dbus will …
10:15 Ticket #419 (Udev does not ifup wireless interface) created by nicola.mfb@…
When enabling wifi udev launches /etc/udev/scripts/network.sh, but eth0 is …


18:49 Ticket #326 (Wake up from suspend on shaking?) closed by dos
upstream: spaetz: Mickey just said: "One of the things I want to implement for FSO …


22:58 Ticket #381 (Ophonekitd reporting the wrong call duration (to pyphonelogd)) closed by mrmoku
22:45 Ticket #401 (org.freesmartphone.Device.RealTimeClock do not work) closed by spaetz
wontfix: Closing bug as per Daniel's comment above. Please reopen if you disagree. …
22:40 Ticket #287 (GPS fix) closed by spaetz
invalid: dos requested logs 2 weeks ago with no reaction. I am closing this one …
16:56 Ticket #285 (lost all my sms messages) closed by spaetz
invalid: This is a pity, but I guess there is nothing we can do about this without …
16:13 Ticket #154 (SMS: words longer than lines are not wrapped (receiving and writing)) closed by spaetz
upstream: Closing as per my comments above. This is a limitation in the …
16:10 Ticket #418 (Wireless does not work with the 2.6.29 kernel does not work) created by vendion
With the SHR-testing from 04/16 and the 2.6.29 kernel wireless is not …


13:20 Ticket #254 (Package for ID3-Tags in Python) closed by spaetz
fixed: aded python-pyid3lib to the unstable feed fixed in commit …
12:57 Ticket #186 (upgrade libglib-2.0-0 (causes midori crash)) closed by spaetz
fixed: We have libglib-2.0-0_2.18.3-r1_armv4t.ipk now, so closing this one. …
12:55 Ticket #417 (Dictator (or other call recording software)) created by spaetz
Add a call recording software to the feed: …


21:30 Ticket #369 (fix TODO in to shr_gprs.py for storing apn, login and password) closed by dos
fixed: Fixed by Toaster` :)
18:55 Ticket #416 (elementary_alarm doesn't handle dst) created by rtp
As elementary_alarm doesn't handle DST, it wakes up the neo with one hour …


20:43 Ticket #410 (Profiles improvement) closed by dos
upstream: It's FSO, not SHR Settings issue. Not even SHR. Please fill ticket on FSO …
20:41 Ticket #414 (upgrade conflict) closed by dos
wontfix: Now we don't care about upgrades, as we don't want to waste our time, when …
19:00 Ticket #415 (Intone (music player) package request) created by pespin
Intone is a music player written using efl and mplayer. It would be great …
18:53 Ticket #414 (upgrade conflict) created by piratebab
root@om-gta02 ~ $ opkg upgrade Upgrading e-wm-config-illume-shr on root …
18:36 Ticket #413 (display profile in use) created by piratebab
When a profile like "silent" is use (i.e during a meeting), it is very …


10:24 Ticket #412 (Vagalume crashes on Help/About) created by jjr
Vagalume crashes on Help/About?


22:35 Ticket #411 (Profiles selection) created by piratebab
In addition to ticket #410, an easy way to select a profile could be by …
22:33 Ticket #410 (Profiles improvement) created by piratebab
Profiles works great! But I suggest some improvement: - adding in profile …
16:41 Ticket #409 (autoload log on lost calls) created by alfa21
should be nice if phone log is launched on lost calls
12:26 Ticket #153 ('<', '&' character handling in openmoko-messages3) closed by mrmoku
fixed: patch applied, thanks


23:29 Ticket #394 ("Close" button isn't displayed on editing contact) closed by dos
fixed: Looks like mrmoku fixed that.
23:28 Ticket #399 (wrong device for usb leading to m) closed by dos
fixed: It was fixed some time ago in FSO. opkg upgrade it ;)
23:25 Ticket #405 (Wifi ON / OFF in Settings) closed by dos
22:16 Getting started developing SHR edited by mrmoku
15:53 Ticket #407 (tangoGPS is missing the launch icon in the application menu) closed by ainulindale
fixed: Please opkg remove -force-depends e-wm-menu; opkg install e-wm-menu-shr. …
07:48 Ticket #408 (resolv.conf grows by two lines on each boot) created by joerg
boot obviously does echo -en "\nnameserver\nnameserver …


04:06 FSOSHRUDCON'09 edited by daniel


21:01 Ticket #407 (tangoGPS is missing the launch icon in the application menu) created by fido
tangoGPS can be launched only by command line because the icon is missing …
20:15 Ticket #406 (auto suspend) created by thefloe
using latest shr-testing image my GTA02 doesn't auto suspend. I have to …
20:13 Ticket #405 (Wifi ON / OFF in Settings) created by thefloe
When choosing WiFi? radio -> off, quit and go to connectivity settings …
01:05 Ticket #404 (ophonekitd crashes with ** WARNING **: error: TODO ...) created by Montgoss
ophonekitd won't connect. The last thing in /var/log/ophonekitd.log is: …


22:27 Ticket #403 (Wifi settings not persistant) closed by dos
wontfix: It doesn't make so much sense. It should connect with network only after …
22:24 Ticket #43 (calculator display) closed by dos
invalid: We are not using openmoko-calculator2 anymore. Am I correct that it …
21:51 Ticket #400 (shr_clock should use fso instead of calling directly date) closed by dos
16:13 Draft:MS1-relnotes edited by slyon
it is fixed (diff)
16:11 Draft:MS1-relnotes edited by slyon
seems to be fixed, it worked after a fresh install (diff)
15:53 Ticket #403 (Wifi settings not persistant) created by Feisar
Turning wifi on and connecting to a network should persist after a reboot. …


15:40 Ticket #402 (openmoko-messages was interrupted by a Segmentation Fault) created by pva
Today I've downloaded and installed shr-image-om-gta02.jffs2 from …
09:04 Draft:MS1-relnotes edited by spaetz
03:40 Ticket #401 (org.freesmartphone.Device.RealTimeClock do not work) created by misc
It seems that this method does nothing : […] The dbus method however …
03:36 Ticket #400 (shr_clock should use fso instead of calling directly date) created by misc
There is a comment in shr_setting telling that os.system should be …
01:34 Ticket #399 (wrong device for usb leading to m) created by misc
according to  http://wiki.openmoko.org/wiki/USB_host, for latest kernel, …


20:45 Ticket #398 (Make the messages app "chat style") created by TAsn
Hi, When I SMS I like reading the SMS I'm responding to as I write. I also …
15:42 Ticket #395 (gps satelite view could be improved) closed by dos
12:31 Ticket #397 (Mofi crash if there is no Access Point) created by misc
Each time I start my neo, the wifi is not activated. And running mofi …
01:40 Ologicd edited by ptitjes


18:55 Ticket #396 (The messages app doesn't count characters correctly.) created by TAsn
Hello, When you write sms with non latin characters, the sms has to be …
18:23 Ticket #395 (gps satelite view could be improved) created by misc
The GPS module in shr-settings allow us to see a satelite detail windows, …
12:23 Ticket #373 (Automatize the depmod -a after a kernel upgrade) closed by ainulindale
10:50 Ticket #260 (Incoming call messes up Phonelog) closed by dos
04:53 FSOSHRUDCON'09 edited by raster


21:27 Ticket #394 ("Close" button isn't displayed on editing contact) created by dos
"Close" button isn't displayed on editing contact in …
21:20 Ticket #393 (Add python-mokoui2 to the repos (and image)) created by TAsn
Hey, We need it, without it pyphonelog is terrible, I don't get how …
18:42 Building_SHR_old edited by abanbytes
18:41 Building_SHR_old edited by abanbytes
18:31 Ticket #346 (potential sms reception related problem) closed by dos
18:30 Ticket #392 (GPRS fix and GPRS active icon in status bar) closed by dos
fixed: First is fixed since yesterday. Second is wontfix in actual state.
17:41 Building_SHR_old edited by abanbytes
16:13 Ticket #392 (GPRS fix and GPRS active icon in status bar) created by Pander
In the SHR build process, make sure that echo ppp-generic > …
14:20 Ticket #289 (use usplash) closed by ainulindale
wontfix: Splash is, for now, at the present state of implementation, that is, …
12:35 Ticket #389 (Screen Resolution) closed by dos
upstream: a) it's upstream problem b) i don't think we won't storing permanently of …
12:34 Ticket #390 (Illumne Screen Resolution Layout) closed by dos
upstream: It's upstream, known problem. Please fill bug in e tracker about Illume.
12:32 Ticket #387 (pyphonelog |> expander too small to be fingerusable) closed by dos
duplicate: Duplicate of #105.
12:30 Ticket #388 (Power profiles) closed by dos
wontfix: No, it's frameworkd job. shr-settings isn't some daemon to handle …
10:38 Ticket #391 (fbreader version not finger friendly) created by kimaidou
In the SHR testing, the fbreader available in the repository was OK. In …


21:36 Ticket #390 (Illumne Screen Resolution Layout) created by Gorbusch
Resolution 640x480 - The buttons on the button are overlaying the text …
20:42 Ticket #272 (not able to send long sms) closed by dos
duplicate: #121
20:37 Ticket #389 (Screen Resolution) created by Gorbusch
Changing screen resolution (rotate) in illume is not stored permanently. …
20:13 Ticket #388 (Power profiles) created by Gorbusch
1. Settings should support different power profiles. 2. One power profile …
20:06 Ticket #359 (Not able to receive sms) closed by dos
20:03 Ticket #360 (Storage Full/Openmoko-messages crashing) closed by dos
19:58 Ticket #241 (auto-scaling icons) closed by dos
upstream: It's Illume task. Please fill bug in Enlightenment.
19:55 Ticket #21 (Test & label good SHR releases) closed by dos
fixed: I think we don't need that ticket to do that :)
19:49 Ticket #136 (keeping stylus on touchscreen doesn't reset/stop idle timer) closed by dos
invalid:  http://trac.freesmartphone.org/ticket/333 As there is ticket upstream, …
19:39 Ticket #387 (pyphonelog |> expander too small to be fingerusable) created by Bumbl
in pyphonelog the |> arrow that is grouping various calls from the same …
19:34 Ticket #91 (Problem answering a call while in suspend) closed by dos
fixed: Closing, as there is ticket for this upstream.
19:28 Ticket #282 (show service status in Settings) closed by dos
19:23 Ticket #189 (Combining SIM telephone numers in single contact and improved import and ...) closed by dos
duplicate: #386
19:23 Ticket #229 (Storing SMS in memory/SD card) closed by dos
duplicate: #386
19:23 Ticket #230 (Integration betwean applications) closed by dos
duplicate: #386
19:23 Ticket #231 (Saving send messages) closed by dos
duplicate: #386
19:23 Ticket #281 (contact search) closed by dos
duplicate: #386
19:23 Ticket #123 (Need more than just an 'inbox' for SMS) closed by dos
duplicate: #386
19:22 Ticket #252 ([Feature request] show new messages, missed calls directly) closed by dos
duplicate: #386
19:22 Ticket #386 (More opimd integration) created by dos
Add support of drafts and displaying sent messages as separate view …
19:04 Ticket #344 (Improved shell settings) closed by dos
18:58 Ticket #332 (Load ppp-generic and snd-pcm-oss modules by default.) closed by dos
18:44 Ticket #179 (Battery drained while suspended. Shutdown instead of charging) closed by dos
invalid: I'm closing it now. If that will happen again, feel free to fill new …
18:42 Ticket #385 (shr-settings russian translation) closed by dos
fixed: Added. Thanks :)
18:32 Ticket #161 (remaining SMS chars inaccurate when using backspace) closed by dos
fixed: Looks like it's working well now.
18:31 Ticket #300 (Screen dimming/suspend suppresion through dbus) closed by dos
18:30 Ticket #288 (Illume predective keyboard is too slow) closed by dos
fixed: Looks like it's fixed on shr-unstable. Closing.
18:29 Ticket #99 (It should possible to call a number from a SMS) closed by dos
fixed: Yep, I commited it some time ago and it works :)
18:27 Ticket #169 (wrench tool (gadget) loose its position on modify) closed by dos
invalid: elisa42 is correct. Closing.
18:24 Ticket #382 (Delay between inc. call acceptation and communication begin) closed by dos
invalid: SHR now uses wav file as ringtone, so delay is a little bit shorter. And …
18:23 Ticket #367 (/etc/resolv.conf gets spammed by nameservers) closed by dos
18:23 Ticket #352 (Numbers are not translated to Names in Incoming calls (maybe provider ...) closed by dos
fixed: It should works now, as ophonekitd is waiting for SIM to be ready until …
18:21 Ticket #309 (No dhcp lease with kernel 2.6.28 using WPA2) closed by dos
invalid: Happens to me the same with my home network with 2.6.28 and 2.6.29 kernel. …
18:18 Ticket #234 (can't accept calls from numbers with 8 digits after prefix.) closed by dos
invalid: It's FSO/frameworkd problem. If it's still happening, fill bug report in …
18:16 Ticket #220 ([phonegui-efl-new] editing fiels do not get focus on click) closed by dos
fixed: Looks like fixed... There is now another problem with editing contacts, …
18:12 Ticket #152 (GPRS Problem) closed by dos
worksforme: Please contact me there are still problems.
18:03 FSOSHRUDCON'09 edited by morphis
18:03 Ticket #315 (loading-bar doesn't change width) closed by dos
17:55 FSOSHRUDCON'09 edited by morphis
14:56 Draft:SHRSettingsApp edited by pespin
14:24 Ticket #385 (shr-settings russian translation) created by Nad.Oby
This is initial translation to russian
12:51 Tidbits edited by hodgepodge
12:38 Tidbits edited by hodgepodge
12:38 Tidbits edited by hodgepodge
12:37 WikiStart edited by hodgepodge
12:35 Tidbits created by hodgepodge


21:11 Ticket #384 (Add the call recorder to the repos) created by TAsn
bb file: …
12:14 Ticket #383 (PSoD (Purple Stripe of Death) - When suspending the phone.) created by TAsn
Sometimes when the phone gets suspended, I get a psod, which is …
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