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fsotdld cannot be used for getting ntp time

Reported by: ott-- Owned by: daniel
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Component: Frameworkd / FSO Version: SHR-unstable
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fsotdld is started from an init-script, at that time there is no network connection available:

2011-03-11T11:07:28.059419Z [INFO]  fsotdld : Binary launched successful (FsoFrameworkFileLogger created as theLogger)
2011-03-11T11:07:34.761698Z [INFO]  AlarmController </org/freesmartphone/Time/Alarm>: created
2011-03-11T11:07:35.146144Z [INFO]  SyncTimeService <1>: Added source ntp (SourceNtp)
2011-03-11T11:07:35.149272Z [INFO]  SyncTimeService <2>: Added source gsm (SourceGsm)
2011-03-11T11:07:35.221250Z [INFO]  SyncTimeService <2>: Ready. Configured for 2 sources.
2011-03-11T11:07:35.221880Z [INFO]  fsotdld : loaded 4 plugins
2011-03-11T11:07:35.222289Z [INFO]  fsotdld : fsotdl => mainloop
2011-03-11T11:08:15.490912Z [WARN]  SourceNtp <unknown>: Could not resolve NTP server address Error resolving '': Temporary failure in name resolution. Will try again next time.

But there is no next time. Even if you restart fsotdld later when the network is up, it asks the ntp-server only once instead of doing it in a loop (every hour or so).

Furtheron returns a list of servers, and each of them should be used at least once.

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