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ffalarms does not wake up from suspend

Reported by: robin Owned by: mrmoku
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Component: SHR Image Version: SHR-core
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setting an alarm with ffalarms and suspending the phone results in nothing :< the alarm does not go off until one manually "unsuspends" the phone = which means the current shr-u has no alarm

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comment:1 Changed 8 years ago by lupan

This is caused by fsotdld aborting during startup

# time /usr/sbin/fsotdld
BUG: cache_mngt.c:195
fsotdld: cache_mngt.c:195: nl_cache_mngt_provide: Assertion `0' failed.

real	0m0.301s
user	0m0.150s
sys	0m0.080s

and thus org.freesmartphone.otimed is not available and so atd-over-fso is not working and thus ffalarms is not working.

As a temporary workaround one can enable otimed subsystem in /etc/frameworkd.conf:

disable = 0

comment:2 Changed 7 years ago by raul

fsotdld is working since last upgrade and so it's waking up correctly.

But there's another issue, which i guess is related to the "time upgrade problem": If the FR is waking up, the alarm takes far too much time to start playing and so in most cases the phone will suspend before playing started.


2011-03-02T10:55:41.165321Z [INFO]  AlarmController </org/freesmartphone/Time/Alarm>: Programming mainloop & rtc alarm for org.openmoko.projects.ffalarms.atd at 1299063600 in 259 seconds from now
2011-03-02T11:00:02.026932Z [INFO]  SourceGsm <>: Received GSM network status signal
2011-03-02T11:00:02.187713Z [INFO]  SourceGsm <>: Resolved provider 26201 to country 'de' w/ 1 timezone(s)
2011-03-02T11:08:16.440943Z [INFO]  AlarmController </org/freesmartphone/Time/Alarm>: Notifying org.openmoko.projects.ffalarms.atd about an alarm on 1299063600
2011-03-02T11:08:16.553521Z [INFO]  AlarmController </org/freesmartphone/Time/Alarm>: No more alarms. Clearing all timers.

1299063600 -> 2011-03-02T11:00:00
woke up at 11:00 by rtc but gone to suspend again. Then manually woken up at ~11:07 and prevented from suspending till alarm started playing.

comment:3 Changed 6 years ago by iwdy23

comment:4 Changed 6 years ago by Thamos0815

  • Version changed from SHR-unstable to SHR-core

i can still confirm this bug in shr-core-staging 109

comment:5 Changed 4 years ago by elisa42

fsotdld uses g_timeout_add_seconds() for fsotdld to wake up at the alarm;a=blob;f=fsotdld/src/plugins/alarm/plugin.vala;h=9f5969ef28fedb4ec0726c99d3f69c66a05840f5;hb=HEAD#l123

The interval given is in terms of monotonic time, not wall clock time. See g_get_monotonic_time().

The monotonic time does not advance while in suspend. So if we set an alarm in 10min, suspend the device for 5min and keep it awake after that, the alarm will go off after 15 wall clock minutes.

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