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change the default loglevel for fsodeviced

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Component: Frameworkd / FSO Version: SHR-testing
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I was wondering why my FreeRunner? is sooo slow these times, it was much better in the past ...

I haven't identified all the troubles yet, however I have found one thing that may contribute - looking into /var/log, I saw fsodeviced.log being insanely big even after about only one day since last reboot ... loking into it, I've found there are debug messages written to it at a rates like 20 lines per second

because (any!) filesystem accesses don't seem too fast on Freerunner, and many megabytes data on tmpfs eat the precious memory, I think using DEBUG level by default is not very reasonable setting

I have found that fsodeviced version 2:0.9.0+gitr869+eb3a3c0410a2387e36d7ae306b5c1734ca842b90-r2.11.4 installs the file
which contains:

# fsodeviced.conf for Openmoko devices, such as:
# * Openmoko GTA01 (Neo1973)
# * Openmoko GTA02 (FreeRunner?)

log_level = DEBUG
log_to = file
log_destination = /var/log/fsodeviced.log

changing from DEBUG to INFO seems to help my issue a bit - now let's go find the other culprits of the slowness :-)

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