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#839 shr-notes add tag from tag list crash application Other defect Dec 29, 2009

Like in summary. It works if you type that same tag name but it take time.

#398 Make the messages app "chat style" shr-messages wishlist enhancement Apr 16, 2009

Hi, When I SMS I like reading the SMS I'm responding to as I write. I also like seeing the context, and what already stated in the last conversation. The best solution I can think of is having a chat style (pidgin?) sms application design, what do you think? of course there are more design issues I haven't thought about, but still, I think it's a great idea (I think the iPhone has something similar, not sure though since I don't have one at reach).

#500 add method for setting date in settings app shr-settings wishlist enhancement May 30, 2009

Adding the possibility to set date with SHR setting, as I set time

#708 gui buttons always on the wrong side libphone-ui-shr enhancement Nov 16, 2009

using: shr-lite-eglibc-ipk--20091114-om-gta02.rootfs.tar.gz

in shr-messages: "show" button should be on left in shr-messages: when viewing sms: "close" button should be right in shr-messages: writing new sms: "close" button should be right in shr-messages: confirm dialoge: "yes" should always be on left side

in shr-contacts: "call" button should be left (NOT middle)

in shr-dialer: "call" button should be left (NOT right)

in active call gui: "end call" button should be on right

also some apps have "close" button, some you need to close with illume-"X" button. :-(

this is all very inconsistent, and should all be checked. things like this make people not use it.

#1234 List of timezones waaaay too long for one single list shr-settings wishlist enhancement Nov 15, 2010

When selecting the timezone manually in the date/time configuration app, it's very difficult, slow, error prone and annoying to select your location from the list of hundreds of location. The buttons are very large and thus you have to scroll a long long time to reach Europe (how many SHR users live in Africa?), and the scrollbar doesn't seem to be possible to use, I've tried to drag it literally hundreds of times, but it's probably too small.

An improvement would be to use a hierarchical method where you first pick the region and then the city.

#1641 case insensitive search in contacts shr-contacts shr-2012.07 enhancement Jan 4, 2012

searching trough the contact ui scrolling on the right produce a list of letters that goes from A to Z and then from a to z, which:

  • occupy more than the screen height
  • annoy the user since he doesn't remember if it started by A->Z or a->z


#1002 First run wizard + 1024 fix add a toggle for deep_sleep shr-wizard enhancement Mar 11, 2010

The first run wizard should include a toggle taht lets the user choose between ti_calyspo_deep_sleep = never and 'always'

Heinervdm (1 match)

Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Created
#1100 Allowing multiple selection of contacts in sim-manager libphone-ui-shr enhancement May 1, 2010

i noticed in sim manager lack of the option :

  • to select multiple contacts for remove/export
  • to remove all contacts in sim card

mrmoku (6 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Created
#1071 Listen to NameOwnerChanged signals phonefsod defect Apr 12, 2010

We have to listen to that signal and destroy a proxy when it disappears from the bus and re-add it if it re-appears. Otherwise we will allways have to restart phonefsod when one of the fso2 daemons gets restarted.

#1159 bluetoothd no longer started on bluetooth activation Frameworkd / FSO defect Jul 23, 2010

bluez4 uses a udev rule to start bluetoothd when a bluetooth device is detected. shr-full-eglibc-ipk--20100721-om-gta02.rootfs.tar.gz does not include udev, or anything else to act on these rules. As a result bluetoothd is not started when the bluetooth resource is requested, so bluetooth is unavailable to applications despite the hardware being powered.

bluez4 also uses udev rules to handle bluetooth HIDs.

#969 Silence phone on incoming calls SHR Image enhancement Feb 20, 2010

In older SHR builds it used to be possible to mute the ringtone on incoming calls with the button "silent". This feature has now disappeared while this is very useful and standard on most phones.

Can this option be added again?

#196 Adding a number in the add contact screen should give you nummeric keyboard libphone-ui-shr enhancement Dec 17, 2008

If you want to insert a new contact, you have to enter a new phone number. If you hit the input field, you would expect a numeric keyboard should appear. But a normal keyboard appears.

#858 add a notification when flash memory is about to become full SHR Image enhancement Jan 8, 2010

I somehow managed to fill completly my flash card using shr unstable. It would be nice to have a graphical warning when something like this happen, as it prevent the sqlite db from working ( cannot write, etc ).

#920 Show my number setting not static phonefsod enhancement Feb 2, 2010

Settings > Phone

"Show my number" will not stay enabled through a reboot. I couldn't find any configuration files for that option.

Please make it static.

RuiSeabra (1 match)

Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Created
#778 Ability to delete multiple messages libphone-ui-shr enhancement Dec 9, 2009

I SMS a lot, and it would be very useful to be able to efficiently delete messages. For me personally a good way would be to be able to select messages and then delete all selected ones. In that case please include "Select all", "Select none" and "Invert selection" buttons.

As an advanced feature it would be nice to be able to "protect" messages. Certain messages I just want to keep. If I could protect them against deletion I could clean up my message box with a "delete all" button and still have the one or two messages I protected. This makes regular cleanup quite easy, as you only have to protect those messages just once.

slyon (1 match)

Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Created
#1849 Charging via usb cable does not work for gta04 Other defect Mar 18, 2012

Charging the device through the usb cable does not work. Normal usb connection over cdc_ether works.

TAsn (5 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Created
#1022 Popup a dialog when screen is undimmed too fast phoneuid enhancement Mar 21, 2010

When screen is undimmed too fast ( meaning that I don't want it to dim ) it will be nice to popup a dialog, asking if I want do disable dimming or increase timeout. ( like e17 )

#1064 Illume shelf gadget for right or middle click Other wishlist enhancement Apr 8, 2010

Apps not designed for touchscreen often require right clicks, and sometimes middle clicks, to be usable. One option would be a shelf gadget to set the pointer to left, middle or right clicks, or to toggle between them.

The button mapping is easily changed using:

xinput set-button-map "Touchscreen" 3 2 1 4 5

The gadget must indicate the currently selected button mapping (picture of mouse buttons with active button coloured in?) and should allow it to be changed quickly and easily. A single tap on the gadget could switch to the more common of the remaining button mappings, and a double tap to the less common one. This would give:

Current mode | single tap | double tap left | to right | to middle middle | to left | to right right | to left | to middle

A more advanced version might make the modifier happen only for the next click, with tap-and-hold to make the modifier sticky. This might not be possible at the gadget level though.

#772 kill off oeventsd SHR Image task Dec 7, 2009

currently oeventsd is not really needed. All it does for shr is: FIXED - Prevent suspend while in a call FIXED - Prevent suspend while USB is plugged in

  • LED handling (charging/full)
  • bluetooth audio handling
  • FIXED headset audio handling.

FIXED - Idle brightness handling

#458 Don't execute critical applications as "root" SHR Image wishlist enhancement May 18, 2009

If you launch e.g. "Midori" it shows you a warning, that is is running as root. Critical applications shouldn't be run as root. Maybe it's a good idea to think about running most of the applications not as root.

#487 Make a way to auto-issue some USSD requests phonefsod enhancement May 26, 2009

on a regular gsm phone, with my operator, I receive an information each time I end an outgoing call about my credit and cost of the last call.

with my FR I'm never informed until I use a ussd to verify my credit. after that, I get that information on each end as usual on other phones.

I have to do the ussd request again on each reboot if I want this info. anyway maybe an FSO bug and not shr.

what do you think?

Description by TAsn: We should probably add more options that have ussd (like the one described here) that'll issue on network connect. Furthermore, we should probably also allow users to put generic USSD to run on connect to network.

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