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#1848 bringing up wlan0 in gta04 raises a kernel warning new mrmoku defect minor
#1850 GTA04 imprecise touch screen new mrmoku defect minor
#1957 Translaton template needed by default and directory changing new dos defect minor
#2005 stage 056 && settings power assigned dos defect minor
#2006 Splash screen is not displayed when booting new mrmoku defect minor
#2015 shr-settings: use systemd for service management new mrmoku defect minor
#2055 add python-qt4 libportaudio2 to be able to install anki 2.0 (official release) new mrmoku enhancement minor
#2077 intone eats CPU after closing new TAsn defect minor
#2093 strength widget in top bar disfunctional new mrmoku defect minor
#2108 Sim PIN: unaable to set PIN required and unable to change PIN new dos defect minor
#2112 sending network codes from dialer window does not work new mrmoku defect minor
#925 Package request: Anki new spaetz enhancement trivial wishlist
#963 opd (in obexpush) package can not be stopped or restarted through /etc/init.d new ainulindale defect trivial
#1002 First run wizard + 1024 fix add a toggle for deep_sleep accepted dos enhancement trivial
#1051 Add package 'watchdog' new spaetz enhancement trivial wishlist
#1065 tangoGPS-only image new ainulindale enhancement trivial wishlist
#1070 SHR Menu and Taskswitch proposal new TAsn enhancement trivial wishlist
#1171 package request for TIEMU new spaetz enhancement trivial wishlist
#1316 fsodatad uses an ancient new daniel defect trivial
#1594 Create SHR boot screen for Nexus S device new morphis task trivial shr-2012.07
#1598 Develop an Ubuntu One app new spaetz enhancement trivial
#1599 Fork Minitube in order to use it on SHR new spaetz enhancement trivial
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