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Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#936 Add country selection to the wizard new task major shr-wizard
#1605 Notes missing "open file" option assigned enhancement major wishlist Other
#398 Make the messages app "chat style" accepted enhancement minor wishlist shr-messages
#500 add method for setting date in settings app accepted enhancement minor wishlist shr-settings
#708 gui buttons always on the wrong side accepted enhancement minor libphone-ui-shr
#839 shr-notes add tag from tag list crash application accepted defect minor Other
#899 Local number settings in first run wizard should open numeric keyboard assigned defect minor shr-wizard
#1234 List of timezones waaaay too long for one single list accepted enhancement minor wishlist shr-settings
#1641 case insensitive search in contacts accepted enhancement minor shr-2012.07 shr-contacts
#1957 Translaton template needed by default and directory changing new defect minor Translations
#2005 stage 056 && settings power assigned defect minor SHR Image
#2108 Sim PIN: unaable to set PIN required and unable to change PIN new defect minor shr-settings
#1002 First run wizard + 1024 fix add a toggle for deep_sleep accepted enhancement trivial shr-wizard
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