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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#196 Adding a number in the add contact screen should give you nummeric keyboard accepted mrmoku enhancement minor
#398 Make the messages app "chat style" accepted dos enhancement minor wishlist
#458 Don't execute critical applications as "root" accepted TAsn enhancement minor wishlist
#487 Make a way to auto-issue some USSD requests accepted TAsn enhancement minor
#500 add method for setting date in settings app accepted dos enhancement minor wishlist
#708 gui buttons always on the wrong side accepted dos enhancement minor
#772 kill off oeventsd accepted TAsn task major
#778 Ability to delete multiple messages accepted RuiSeabra enhancement major
#839 shr-notes add tag from tag list crash application accepted dos defect minor
#858 add a notification when flash memory is about to become full accepted mrmoku enhancement minor
#920 Show my number setting not static accepted mrmoku enhancement minor
#969 Silence phone on incoming calls accepted mrmoku enhancement major
#1002 First run wizard + 1024 fix add a toggle for deep_sleep accepted dos enhancement trivial
#1022 Popup a dialog when screen is undimmed too fast accepted TAsn enhancement major
#1064 Illume shelf gadget for right or middle click accepted TAsn enhancement major wishlist
#1071 Listen to NameOwnerChanged signals accepted mrmoku defect major
#1100 Allowing multiple selection of contacts in sim-manager accepted Heinervdm enhancement minor
#1159 bluetoothd no longer started on bluetooth activation accepted mrmoku defect major
#1234 List of timezones waaaay too long for one single list accepted dos enhancement minor wishlist
#1641 case insensitive search in contacts accepted dos enhancement minor shr-2012.07
#1849 Charging via usb cable does not work for gta04 accepted slyon defect major
#482 Adding "preferred" contacts screen assigned slyon enhancement minor wishlist
#619 Use more meaningful/complete message when asking for deletion confirmation assigned slyon defect minor
#736 No (clear) way to show sim auth dialog after aborting it assigned TAsn defect major
#763 Adding an hoversel to select type of field to the field page assigned tasn task major
#899 Local number settings in first run wizard should open numeric keyboard assigned dos defect minor
#927 Allow copying or moving messages & contacts from SIM to sqlite assigned Heinervdm enhancement major
#947 Build an fsoraw like wrapper that also interacts. assigned task minor
#1025 Move scroll bar on contacts App or in SHR in general assigned TAsn enhancement minor
#1076 libegl-dev not installable in shr-testing assigned Heinervdm defect major
#1281 GPRS "Couldn't Connect to FSO" error assigned defect major
#1605 Notes missing "open file" option assigned dos enhancement major wishlist
#1758 meta-bug for suspend on gta02(kernel issue) assigned GNUtoo defect blocker shr-2012.07
#2005 stage 056 && settings power assigned dos defect minor
#557 headset push button new daniel enhancement minor wishlist
#627 Add 'also list as' OR 'ignore when receiving a call' option in Contacts list new ainulindale enhancement minor wishlist
#687 Add support for MMS messages new TAsn defect major
#701 SIP Voip Client new spaetz enhancement major wishlist
#741 Please add I/O accounting support to Kernel config new ainulindale enhancement minor wishlist
#775 Slider on incoming call also accept it new mrmoku enhancement minor
#780 locale settings not pinned into /etc/profile new ainulindale defect major
#781 consider using nscd always (or when gprs is active) new ainulindale enhancement major wishlist
#791 intone-video misses mplayer-video new spaetz defect major
#798 please package minisip new spaetz enhancement major
#799 aircrack-ng packaging request new spaetz enhancement major wishlist
#800 kismet packaging request new spaetz enhancement major wishlist
#815 daemons aren't automatically restarted when they crash new mrmoku defect major
#828 aee - advanced easy editor new spaetz enhancement minor wishlist
#829 window stack confused when an app is full screen and a call comes in new ainulindale defect major
#854 Remove unintended sleep while upgrading - and possibly pave the way for Ksplice use new ainulindale enhancement major wishlist
#861 Package Request: Saskia new spaetz enhancement minor wishlist
#864 openzim / zimreader new spaetz enhancement major wishlist
#868 [Package req] enscribi new spaetz enhancement minor wishlist
#882 libsyncml2 segaults new spaetz defect minor
#889 Too short timeout before multi-step dimming starts new ainulindale defect minor
#893 Ringtones is too silent new ainulindale defect minor
#909 SHR has no working input system for Chinese characters new ainulindale defect major
#913 Windows and desktops new daniel defect major
#923 Unicode letters in SMS new mrmoku enhancement minor wishlist
#925 Package request: Anki new spaetz enhancement trivial wishlist
#928 Show a window with buttons in non-default position after a call new ainulindale enhancement major
#936 Add country selection to the wizard new dos task major
#944 Problem with cacao VM new spaetz defect major wishlist
#945 Package Request: libswt3.4-gtk-java and libswt3.4-gtk-jni new spaetz enhancement minor wishlist
#963 opd (in obexpush) package can not be stopped or restarted through /etc/init.d new ainulindale defect trivial
#973 orrery fails to start when locale set new spaetz defect major wishlist
#980 xchat double click on link should open ventura new ainulindale defect major wishlist
#1001 Consolidate opkg package categories with dpkg categories new spaetz task minor wishlist
#1009 Touchscreen-Feedback via Vibration new mrmoku enhancement minor
#1019 Trac has a wrong reply-to address new TAsn defect minor wishlist
#1033 Outgoing messages should be queued new ainulindale defect major
#1044 Speech to call new mrmoku enhancement major wishlist
#1046 Set login-cookie for * new TAsn defect major wishlist
#1048 openmoko-icon-theme-standard missing new ainulindale defect minor
#1051 Add package 'watchdog' new spaetz enhancement trivial wishlist
#1055 usb terminal hangs after close new ainulindale defect minor
#1061 bluetoothd does not include start/stop script new spaetz defect minor
#1062 pim contacts application sort order new mrmoku enhancement major wishlist
#1065 tangoGPS-only image new ainulindale enhancement trivial wishlist
#1070 SHR Menu and Taskswitch proposal new TAsn enhancement trivial wishlist
#1083 VNC on SHR Testing new spaetz defect minor wishlist
#1097 Search/Filter contacts by typing new TAsn enhancement major
#1101 nodm always logs in as root new ainulindale defect critical wishlist
#1113 Can't use dns with iliwi new ainulindale defect major
#1118 can't lock from Quick-settings if auto-dimming forbidden new mrmoku defect major
#1129 MPlayer can't play sound: Device or resource busy new mrmoku defect major
#1132 no error message when sending an SMS to phonenumbers that contain spaces new ainulindale defect major
#1136 X11 screensaver blanking not working with 2.6.32 new ainulindale defect minor wishlist
#1137 Dates cannot satisfy lebedataserver opkg dependency new spaetz defect minor
#1146 Change to the USB Vendor ID and Product ID new ainulindale defect minor wishlist
#1149 [mplayer] no video new ainulindale defect major
#1167 manpage for phoneui-apps new TAsn enhancement minor wishlist
#1171 package request for TIEMU new spaetz enhancement trivial wishlist
#1181 Dictator doesn't recrd at all new mrmoku defect major wishlist
#1182 packages requests for Minneo, Chroneo, OptimSMS2, Mokometeo, Gwaterpass and Rotate Screen new ainulindale enhancement minor wishlist
#1184 Package Request: btrfsprogs new spaetz enhancement minor wishlist
#1187 vala-terminal colors change sometimes new ainulindale defect major
#1191 testing: cron is taking 100% CPU new ainulindale defect major
#1193 illume2 often gets confused about the on-screen keyboard state new ainulindale defect major
#1195 display sometimes stays semi-dimmed even when tapped on new ainulindale defect major
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