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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#1044 Speech to call new mrmoku enhancement major wishlist
#1062 pim contacts application sort order new mrmoku enhancement major wishlist
#1097 Search/Filter contacts by typing new TAsn enhancement major
#1516 phoeui-XXXX programs won't start after crash new mrmoku defect major
#1572 Contacts imported from sim after delay and doubled. new mrmoku defect major
#1748 Opening contacts first time will give wrong feedback new mrmoku enhancement major
#2090 contact list scrollbar disfunctional new mrmoku defect major
#2098 contacs hangs phoneuid new mrmoku defect major
#627 Add 'also list as' OR 'ignore when receiving a call' option in Contacts list new ainulindale enhancement minor wishlist
#1025 Move scroll bar on contacts App or in SHR in general assigned TAsn enhancement minor
#1641 case insensitive search in contacts accepted dos enhancement minor shr-2012.07
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