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#791 intone-video misses mplayer-video new spaetz defect major
#944 Problem with cacao VM new spaetz defect major wishlist
#973 orrery fails to start when locale set new spaetz defect major wishlist
#1076 libegl-dev not installable in shr-testing assigned Heinervdm defect major
#1271 gpe-calendar month-view fonts far too large new spaetz enhancement major
#2037 Get newer version of claws-email new spaetz enhancement major
#882 libsyncml2 segaults new spaetz defect minor
#1001 Consolidate opkg package categories with dpkg categories new spaetz task minor wishlist
#1061 bluetoothd does not include start/stop script new spaetz defect minor
#1137 Dates cannot satisfy lebedataserver opkg dependency new spaetz defect minor
#1239 dates not working in latest shr-unstable new spaetz defect minor
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